FIFA 18 Chemistry Styles Explained: The Ultimate Guide

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So you’ve built your Ultimate Team. It’s filled with talent, and now you want to take it to the next level. Romelu Lukaku not scoring enough goals for you? Can’t seem to get the best out of Luka Modric? Well, giving your players a chemistry style may just be the answer.

Chemistry styles focus the boost in stats players receive from having good chemistry. With a basic chemistry style, players will receive a boost of 90 points across 18 stats (5 points per stat). Simply put, having great chemistry enhances the ability of your players.

What is Chemistry?

In FIFA Ultimate Team, chemistry improves the ability of your players. It comes in three forms, player chemistry, team chemistry and overall. 

Individual player chemistry

Player chemistry, marked out of 10, refers to each individual player. It's shown beneath each player's card when you view their details.

Alonso is a left wing back playing in a left back role. As a result, the 'LB' below his card is in orange.

Defensive midfielder Casemiro is playing in his correct role, so the 'CDM' below his card lights up green.

Team chemistry

Team chemistry is marked out of 100. It's the sum of all of your players' individual chemistry. 

Overall chemistry

The overall score is hidden, but it is the combination of player and team chemistry. 75% is player chemistry, with the other 25% being team chemistry. Therefore, it is more important to have a strong individual player chemistry as opposed to the team chemistry. To work out your overall chemistry per player, multiply their player chemistry by 10, and then by 0.75. Then multiply team chemistry by 0.25, and add the two results together.

(Player chemistry x 10) x 0.75 + (Team chemistry x 0.25) = overall chemistry

If your chemistry is perfect, there will be an increase of 90 points spread out across each players stats (a boost of 5 points to 18 attributes). It works the other way too, if you had a chemistry score of zero across the board, your players would suffer a decrease of 25 points in every attribute.

In practice, if you were to have zero chemistry your 94-rated Ronaldo would become a 69 silver card. If you were to have perfect chemistry, your 94-rated Ronaldo would become a 97 rated gold card.

For example, if your central midfielder has a player chemistry of 8 and the team chemistry is 100, they will receive an 85% boost spread across their stats.

8 x 10 = 80

80 x 0.75 = 60

100 x 0.25 = 25

60 + 25 = 85

In our example, our central midfielder’s stats would increase by a spread of 77 points.

85% of 90 = 76.5

How to improve chemistry

Improving chemistry is simple. The first thing you should do is use a player in their correct position, which is marked on their card. This will be shown by the position lighting up green.

You should also look to use players of the same nationality or league alongside one another, with more of a chemistry boost received if they play for the same club. The colour of the links between the players reveals the connection between them. Orange would represent a good connection (league or nationality) with green representing great connections (league and nationality or league and club). Red links represent poor chemistry between players.

Loyalty and Manager Bonus Chemistry

Players can get a further boost if your manager is of the same nationality or league. One chemistry point per player is on offer here, and it's shown by the green tie on their card.

Lastly, a further chemistry point per player will be earned through loyalty. If you are the first to own the player, they will already have that loyalty - marked by the green shield. 

If you sign a player from the transfer market, they will need to play 10 times to earn that loyalty point.

What do chemistry styles do?

With a basic styled card, you get a boost of five points to 18 attributes. But if you use a chemistry style, that boost will go to the stats that need it most. For example, the ‘finisher’ style increases finishing by 5, volleys, penalties, strength and aggression all by 10, and shot power, long shots and jumping all by 15. Your star striker just became a lot more dangerous.

The 'Anchor' chemistry style increases Marcos Alonso's pace, defending and physicality

Despite our side having 100 team chemistry, Alonso's 7 player chemistry means his abilities have improved, but not fully. This is shown by the white arrows on his stats boost.

Now with a 10 player chemistry score, Alonso's pace, defending and physicality have received a full boost. This is shown by the fully green arrows on his stats.

What chemistry styles are available and where can I get them?

There are 22 different styles available, four of which are exclusive to goalkeepers. It’s down to you to decide which players would benefit the most from each chemistry style. Chemistry styles are found in packs from the FUT Store, but if you want a specific one, your best bet is to go hunting on the Transfer Market. 

What about my subs? Does chemistry change in game?

All substitutes are given a player chemistry of 5. So if you have perfect team chemistry, you will only receive a 62.5% increase. 

Changing positions and formations whilst in game has no influence on chemistry.

The only other thing to remember is stamina. On all game modes, physical attributes are affected by a player’s stamina during a match. These include:

  • Acceleration
  • Agility
  • Jumping
  • Strength
  • Reactions
  • Marking


Cost: 1,200 coins

Acceleration, Positioning, Finishing, Shot Power, Volleys, Penalties, Vision, Long Passing, Short Passing, Curve, Agility, Ball Control, Dribbling, Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, Jumping, Strength – increase by 5

If you aren’t sure which chemistry style to pick, just stick with the basic one. Your player will be well-rounded, and it’s always useful to have a player who can do a bit of everything on Ultimate Team. Think about how many times a striker nicks the ball off a defender. If you give that striker a 'finisher' chemistry style, you take away the boost from his tackling, and lessen their chances of winning the ball off that defender.


Cost: 250 coins

Best for Positions: ST, CF, RF, LF, RW, LW

Agility, Reactions, Ball Control – increase by 5

Volleys, Balance – increase by 10

Finishing, Penalties, Dribbling – increase by 15

Perfect for attackers, the Sniper offers a better improvement to finishing than the Finisher style. Use it for strikers or wingers, as you look to run at defenders and calmly stroke the ball into the back of the net.


Cost: 250 coins

Best for Positions: ST, CF

Finishing – increase by 5

Volleys, Penalties, Strength, Aggression – increase by 10

Shot Power, Long Shots, Jumping – increase by 15

This is for the old-fashioned number nine. They don’t need pace to hurt defenders, you want to be hitting the ball up to them and swinging crosses into the box. You can also hit the ball from range with the 15 point boost to long shots.


Cost: 250 coins

Best for Positions: ST, CF, RF, LW, RW, LW, CAM, RM, LM

Long Shots, Penalties, Vision, Long Passing – increase by 5

Positioning, Shot Power, Free Kick Accuracy, Curve – increase by 10

Finishing, Short Passing – increase by 15

Is your team built around a particular striker, attacking midfielder or winger? If everything goes through them, you will want the Deadeye style. With an improvement to a wealth of attacking skills, you can hit passes, strike from range or step up for set-pieces.


Cost: 200 coins

Best for Positions: ST, CF

Finishing, Penalties, Agility, Reactions, Ball Control, Dribbling, Strength, Aggression – increase by 5

Positioning, Shot Power, Long Shots, Volleys, Jumping – increase by 10

If you are umming and ahhing over which chemistry style to pick for your striker, the Marksman is a safe bet. With a boost to so many skills, it’s perfect if you want your forward to stick the ball in the back of the net. 


Cost: 900 coins

Best for Positions: ST, CF, RF, LF, RW, LW, RM, LM

Sprint Speed, Finishing, Penalties, Strength – increase by 5

Acceleration, Positioning, Shot Power, Long Shots, Volleys, Jumping, Aggression – increase by 10

Another good spread, with more focus on movement is the Hawk. If you want that extra bit of pace for your striker or winger who likes to do things on their own, this is the one for you.


Cost: 4,000 coins

Best for Positions: ST, CF, RF, LF, RW, LW, RM, LM

Long shots – increase by 5

Sprint Speed, Finishing, Shot Power, Volleys – increase by 10

Acceleration, Positioning, Penalties – increase by 15

If you love to cut inside and tear things up with your wingers, Hunter is the style for you. With increases to pace and shooting, you can terrorisedefences.


Cost: 200 coins

Best for Positions: CF, CAM, RM, LM, CM

Crossing, Curve, Agility, Balance, Ball Control – increase by 5

Short passing, Reactions – increase by 10

Vision, Long Passing, Dribbling – increase by 15

Got that calm player who almost looks like they are playing in slow-motion? Go for the Artist. You can play a threaded through ball in to your teammate, on coolly dribble past your opponents to create space. 


Cost: 200 coins

Best for Positions: CAM, CM, CDM

Free Kick Accuracy, Curve, Jumping – increase by 5

Vision, Short Passing, Aggression – increase by 10

Long Passing, Strength – increase by 15

The Architect is perfect for a deep-lying play-maker. You can hold off opponents and look to play long balls over the top to your striker or wingers.


Cost: 200 coins

Best for Positions: CM, CDM

Crossing, Interceptions – increase by 5

Vision, Long Passing, Curve, Marking, Sliding Tackle – increase by 10

Short passing, Standing Tackle – increase by 15

Powerhouse is ideal for that box-to-box midfielder. With this style you can steal the ball in midfield and launch attacks for your side.


Cost: 350 coins

Best for Positions: CAM, CM, LM, RM

Positioning, Finishing, Vision, Long Passing, Reactions, Ball Control – increase by 5

Shot Power, Long Shots, Volleys, Free Kick Accuracy, Short Passing, Dribbling – increase by 10

If you’ve got an attacking midfielder who doesn’t need to worry about defending, you should fill your boots with the Maestro. This style means you can do almost everything in the final third, from finding space to hitting passes to scoring goals. 


Cost: 350 coins

Best for Positions: CAM, RM, LM, RW, LW

Sprint Speed, Vision, Crossing, Long Passing, Curve, Agility, Reactions, Ball Control – increase by 5

Acceleration, Free Kick Accuracy, Short Passing, Balance, Dribbling – increase by 10

A bit of an odd one, with the Engine not actually providing any improvement to stamina. It’s more equipped for an agile player with good technical ability.


Cost: 800 coins

Best for Positions: RW, LW, CAM, RM, LM, CM

Long Passing – increase by 5

Sprint Speed, Crossing, Free Kick Accuracy, Short Passing – increase by 10

Acceleration, Vision, Curve – increase by 15

The Catalyst is for the attacking midfielder or winger who is creates goals. With improvement in pace and passing, you can lay the ball on a plate for teammates.


Cost: 350 coins

Best for Positions: CDM, RB, LB, CB

Interceptions, Jumping – increase by 5

Heading, Aggression – increase by 10

Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, Strength – increase by 15

Perfect for your rock at the back, the Sentinel is for a no-nonsense defender. Boosts to marking and strength means you won’t give the opposition strikers an inch, with the increase in tackling making you near impossible to beat. 


Cost: 200 coins

Best for Positions, RWB, LWB, RB, LB

Agility, Reactions, Ball Control, Heading – increase by 5

Balance, Interceptions, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle – increase by 10

Marking – increase by 15

One for your full backs, with the Guardian determined not be beaten by his opposite man. If you are looking to counter-attack and want your full backs to focus on defence rather than attack, this is the style for you.


Cost: 200 coins

Best for Positions: CM, CDM, RWB, LWB

Finishing, Long Shots, Marking – increase by 5

Shot Power, Interceptions, Standing Tackle – increase by 10

Positioning, Heading Accuracy, Sliding tackle – increase by 15

If you want a threat at both ends of the pitch, you will want the Gladiator. This style focuses on defending but with small boosts to finishing, long shots and shot power, if you like to drive forward from deep, this could be a masterstroke. 


Cost: 200 coins

Best Positions: CDM, CB

Vision, Crossing, Long Passing, Curve, Interceptions, Heading Accuracy, Jumping, Aggression –increase by 5

Short Passing, Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, Strength – increase by 10

Another strange one, but the Backbone does give a healthy improvement to key defending skills. This style is best suited to a holding midfielder due the small increases in technical skills.


Cost: 1,500 coins

Best for Positions: RWB, LWB, RB, LB, CB

Sprint Speed, Interceptions – increase by 5

Acceleration, Heading, Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, Jumping, Strength, Aggression – increase by 10

The Anchor may be the most popular style to use on defenders with an improvement in pace, which is vital for stopping attackers. With a boost to a lot of defending abilities, this style is suited to any position in defence.


Cost: 3,400 coins

Best for Positions: RWB, LWB, RB, LB

Sprint-Speed, Interceptions, Heading – increase by 10

Acceleration, Marking, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle – increase by 15

Shadow is the perfect style for full backs. With healthy boosts to pace and defending skills, it will allow you to stop wingers in their tracks. If you have an old-school defender who isn’t the most athletic, the Shadow style will help.

Goalkeeping styles

There are four chemistry styles available for goalkeepers, so if you select the right open you should be able to have an all-round strong ‘keeper. EA Sports have not revealed the boots to the specific attributes, but there is still an increase to the six FUT stats. 

GK Basic

Cost: 200 coins

Attributes improved - Diving, Handling, Kicking, Reflexes, Speed, Positioning (1 arrow each)

The basic style is a safe bet, as all six of a goalie's stats will get increased. 


Cost: 200 coins

Attributes improved – Diving, Handling, Kicking (2 arrows each)

If you’ve got a goalie who is strong across the board, you will want the Wall chemistry style. The kicking boost should enable you to start counter attacks.


Cost: 200 coins

Attributes improved – Kicking, Reflexes, Speed (2 arrows each)

For your sweeper-keepers, the Shield will mop up anything that comes over the defensive line. Think Manuel Neuer and Hugo Lloris.


Cost: 350 coins

Attributes improved – Reflexes, Speed, Positioning (2 arrows each)

If your keeper is often found in one-on-one situations, you will want the Cat. If you’ve got a leaky defence, it’s the style for you.


Cost: 500 coins

Attributes improved – Diving, Handling, Positioning (2 arrows each)

The Glove is for traditional goalkeepers. If you want reliability and nothing fancy, go for this style.

Which has been the best style for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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