FIFA 17: Top 10 La Liga Players

There is no doubting that the world’s best currently play in the Spanish La Liga at the moment. We count down the Top 10 according to FIFA 17.

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The Spanish La Liga has produced some magical players over the years. Cast your minds back to Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Raul, Ronaldinho and Iker Casillas. The next wave of talent is no weaker, with six Champions League titles coming from Spain in the last 10 years. The division has a very strong claim to being the best in the world, and with the following players the best to buy in the division on FIFA 17, that claim may just be true. RealSport brings you the Top 10 La Liga Players on FIFA 17.


Cristiano Ronaldo (OVR 94)

Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to overcome Lionel Messi and top the FIFA player ratings for the first time. The Real Madrid left wing or striker may not have won the Ballon d’Or last year, but his Champions League and Euro 2016 success with Real and Portugal respectively, earn him top spot on the FIFA 17 tree. The 31-year-old has 96 reactions, 95 jumping and 93 finishing in the game, which could be yours for a whopping fee of around 1.5 million coins on Ultimate Team on either console. He is no less cheap on Career Mode, with a price of £120 million.

Lionel Messi (OVR 93)

The end of Lionel Messi’s contract with EA Sports has cost him top spot on FIFA 17, with the Argentine dropping one overall point since last year’s game. The Barcelona man is now an out-an-out right winger, but 95 finishing, 95 reactions and 95 balance, you will want to get him close to the goal. The 29-year-old is far cheaper than rival Ronaldo, coming it at 850,000 coins on Ultimate Team on PlayStation 4 and just under 800,000 on Xbox One. On Career Mode it would take a bid of around £100 million to shackle him free of Barcelona, but with the ‘One Club Player’ trait, he is very unlikely to move.

Neymar (OVR 92)

Neymar looks to be the next man to lift a World Player of the Year trophy, but with Ronaldo and Messi showing no signs of letting up, the Barcelona left winger may have some time to wait yet. The Brazilian has a 96 dribbling, 96 agility and 95 ball control, with a potential of 95. The 24-year-old will cost £120 million on Career Mode, and around 500,000 coins on Ultimate Team, regardless of console.


Luis Suarez (OVR 92)

The third, final and perhaps most deadly part of Barcelona’s MSN attacking trio, Luis Suarez has hit new heights since departing Liverpool for the Spanish champions two years ago. The Uruguayan hit 59 goals last season as Barcelona lifted the La Liga trophy, showcasing his FIFA abilities of 94 finishing, 93 reactions and 92 positioning. The 29-year-old striker will cost 525,000 Ultimate Team coins on PS4 and 477,000 on XB1, and on Career Mode will set you back at least £85 million.

Gareth Bale (OVR 90)

Gareth Bale could become the greatest British footballer of all time when his career finishes as his trophy cabinet continues to grow. The right winger already has two Champions League titles to his name and led Wales to the Euro 2016 semi-finals in the summer. On FIFA 17 he has 95 sprint speed, 93 acceleration and 91 shot power making him a serious weapon on Ultimate Team. On FUT the 26-year-old will cost 585,000 coins on PS4 and 535,000 on Xbox One, and in Career Mode around £90 million.


Sergio Ramos (OVR 89)

One of the most consistent defenders in the world over the past decade, Sergio Ramos has earned the right to lead Real Madrid into battle as captain. The centre-back has two Champions League titles to go with two European Championships and a World Cup with Spain, and at the age of 30, he isn’t going anywhere soon. The ex-Sevilla man has 92 jumping, 90 sliding tackles and 89 standing tackles on FIFA 17, which can be yours for £60 million or more in Career Mode. On Ultimate Team, Ramos is just about inside the affordable bracket, costing 137,000 coins on PS4 and 106,000 on XB1.

Luka Modric (OVR 89)

Toni Kroos may be the midfield maestro for Real Madrid, but it is Luka Modric who allows the team to play. The Croatian has transformed from an attack-minded midfielder into a box-to-box player at Real Madrid, and he has close to everything in his arsenal. The central or defensive midfielder has 94-rated balance, 92 short passing and 92 ball control on FIFA 17, coming in at a price of 84,000 FUT coins on PS4 and 65,000 on XB1. On Career Mode, you will be needing to pay around the £65 million mark to get hold of him.

Antoine Griezmann (OVR 88)

If two results had gone differently last season, Antoine Griezmann would have had a great chance of becoming FIFA World Player of the World, but Cristiano Ronaldo denied him twice as Real Madrid and Portugal lifted the Champions League and European Championship titles instead of Atletico Madrid and France. The striker or winger has been the star man for Atletico over the past few seasons, and he has more to give as shown by his 92 potential on FIFA 17. He has 91 positioning, 90 agility and 90 reactions on the game, and will cost around the £80 million mark on Career Mode. On Ultimate Team, the Frenchman will set you back 230,000 coins on PS4 and 190,000 on XB1.

Toni Kroos (OVR 88)

Toni Kroos already has two Champions League and a World Cup title under his belt at the age of just 26. The German has 27 assists to his name in just two and a bit seasons at Real Madrid, and this season he is eying a first league title with the club. The central or defensive midfielder has 93 long passing, 89 short passing and 88 vision in FIFA 17, as well as having a potential of 90 on Career Mode. He will cost you £75 million there, is affordable on Ultimate Team, costing only 35,000 coins on PS4, and just 25,750 on XB1.

Pepe (OVR 88)

Real Madrid centre-back Pepe may be on the decline and have Raphael Varane breathing down his neck, but there was no doubting his ability during Portugal’s incredible victory at Euro 2016. The 33-year-old has 94 aggression, 89 sliding tackles and 88 interceptions on the game, and can be picked up for a bargain of £20 million on Career Mode due to his contract being up at the end of the season. On Ultimate Team, he is just as attainable, costing 34,750 coins on PS4 and 25,000 on XB1.

Have you signed any of the top 10? How have they performed and were they worth the money? Let us know in the comments section below.

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