FIFA 16 Spurs: Complete Guide For Career Mode

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Table of Contents


General Tips

  • Always choose the lenient option when selecting your ‘financial strictness’. This way you get 85% of the money that the board receives from outgoing transfers to spend on new players
  • Use the new 'Training' feature - even if you can't be bothered to always carry out the drills, simulate 5 drills every week, it's a useful way to help your players grow outside of matches


  • Transfer budget - £32.5 million
  • Wage budget – £140,000 a week

What the team needs

  • A striker
  • A left back

Who you should get rid of

  • Federico Fazio - £4.8 million

Who you should buy (with the smaller budget)

  • Definitely a better choice than Danny Rose
  • Still just 20, an excellent signing for any top side
  • You’ll definitely get bang for your buck here, even if you wish to use Berahino a cash-cow and move him on

Who you should buy (with the larger budget)

  • You can afford to let Cerny grow on the bench before using him more regularly in a few seasons' time
  • He can grow as high as 86 overall, 20 more than his starting rating of 66
  • The Tottenham attack needs some additions, so if you recruit a sign-and-stash player like Laursen, you’ll be pleased you did in a few seasons
  • Like Cerny, he's another high-growth player, starting off at 63 but holding the potential to climb to 83 overall

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