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FIFA 16 Fulham: Complete Guide For Career Mode


General Tips

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  • Always choose the lenient option when selecting your ‘financial strictness’. This way you get 85% of the money that the board receives from outgoing transfers to spend on new players
  • Use the new 'Training' feature - even if you can't be bothered to always carry out the drills, simulate 5 drills every week, it's a useful way to help your players grow outside of matches
  • Remember, it's not always wise to spend all your transfer budget in summer as you could need a few replacements come January, so if possible, save a few of those pennies for a rainy day!


  • Transfer budget - £7 million
  • Wage budget – £30,000

What the team needs

  • Central midfielder
  • Winger
  • Striker

Who you should get rid of

  • Lasse Vigen Christensen - £600,000
  • Adam Taggart - £500,000

Who you should buy (with the smaller budget)

  • Gnoukouri is on the fringes of Inter's first team in real life but is the dynamic CM Fulham need. He comes cheap and has bags of room to improve (potential jump to 83-84 overall)
  • Cerny is perfect for Fulham in that they already have two slightly more first-team ready players in Cairney & Kacaniklic, but they don't have the potential Cerny does, which makes him ideal
  • You can either use him right away or stash him for when you reach the Premier League. Although, I'd suggest chucking him in the first-team straight away as his potential is crazy (potential to grow by +15-20)
  • Dicko is slightly further down the development line than Moussa Dembele, who at the start of any career mode is rated a paltry 66, demanding you to sign someone more first-team ready (according to FIFA)
  • Dicko is exactly that - a young, hungry striker who has his best years ahead of him and could well grow to 75 by the time you're promoted

Who you should buy (with the larger budget)

  • Great back-up central midfielder to ease into the first-team as the season goes along.
  • You could adjust your formation to play with a number 10 where he excels most
  • At just 17, Zekhnini is slightly raw but is still ready to play a role in the latter half of the season
  • A great buy-and-stash option here and also a decent substitute to bring off the bench

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