EA SPORTS FC: Brand New game does NOT need to be an annual release

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The announcement of EA Sports FC - following the break-up between FIFA and EA - has led to a swarth of reaction across the internet.

Some are sad that FIFA as we know it is drawing to a close, but others are excited for what the future may hold.

With varying opinions across the spectrum, we want to look at why releasing EA Sports FC every year could become detrimental to the product.

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With FIFA becoming formulaic with yearly releases, we think it's time EA Sports make a key change.


What is EA Sports FC

EA Sports FC is a brand new sports game that will continue independently from the FIFA franchise following FIFA 23.

The split between FIFA and EA Sports has seen the former seek a new developer, with 2K Games the most recent company rumoured to be interested in taking up the developer mantle.

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THE RISING STARS - Women's football looks certain to feature more in EA Sports FC

In a recent statement, EA Sports were keen to stress that EA Sports FC will be a "symbol of change" - and we feel that change could come in the ceasing of yearly releases


More Time, Better Product

It may seem obvious to say, but the more time developers are afforded with a game, the better end product they can produce.

FIFA - and sports games in general - have suffered in the past few years, with constant pressure to provide a yearly release.

Of course, there are benefits of annual releases - and we'll touch on those later - but it's hard to argue that this time constraint hasn't negatively affected the gaming industry.

Take 2K Games for instance. Following the disaster of WWE 2K20, the company took an entire year out to fix the mistakes and produced a much better experience in WWE 2K22.

Whilst FIFA hasn't been fundamentally broken, it has started to feel more formulaic and glitchy.

EA Sports FC has a huge challenge ahead as it battles against the continuing FIFA franchise, but a key way to differentiate itself is to take more time in order to make a better final product.


A bi-annual release would allow the developers to truly react to mistakes made on release, implementing better new features and enhancing gameplay in ways we've never seen before.

Whilst we all know fans are desperate for new things, people have also proven that they are willing to wait for something that proves to be a better experience.

Problems and Solutions

There are some obvious issues that crop up when suggesting a bi-annual release.

The first is kits and aesthetics, with every team in the land now changing strip every season and huge money moves made each summer.

The simple fix is a major update to the game that can be provided around the usual September time, putting new kits and transfers into the game.

Career Mode can provide an option to start in the original season or the new one, allowing for some slight nostalgia as fans delve back into the first year.

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TIME FOR A CHANGE - Career Mode needs major improvements in EA Sports FC


What about Ultimate Team? Well, EA Sports FC could easily take Ultimate Team's formula and change it entirely, focussing less on promos and more on the slow building of a team.

Alternatively, you could introduce an end date for people's original squads, or create a 'Season 2' type section that would enable people to start afresh, just like they do every year.

Monetisation would obviously prove to be another issue, but EA Sports have shown they're more than capable of thinking outside the box.

Make That Change

The benefits of an annual release are always worth mentioning.

A new game every year is exciting for players, and obviously works as a money-making strategy for companies like EA.

However, the excitement people feel with incremental improvements could increase ten-fold if more time is invested in developing the game.


FIFA has a clear issue of feeling stagnant and far too similar every year, and with both big-hitters competing at the very top of the football gaming market, you feel one needs to make a bold move in order to take an early lead.

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