FIFA 21 ICONs: Kaka, Roy Keane & Michael Owen join SBC lineup - Expiry Date, Requirements, Estimated Costs & more

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The FIFA 21 ICON SBCs just got much better!

Three more footballing greats have joined the SBC market today, namely: Kaka, Roy Keane & Michael Owen.

Here is what you need to know!


The addition of these three ICONs means that there are now six available on the SBC market in total, with Fernando Hierro, John Barnes and Fernando Torres brought out last month.

Start & Expiry Date

The start date and expiry date for all three of the new ICONs is the same.

Start Date: Saturday, January 9 - 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Sunday, February 28 - 6pm GMT


The requirements range depending on which of the three ICONs you're after.

Here are the requirements in a nutshell.

Prime Kaka

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+ 3

A total of nine squads, including one 88-rated squad.

Prime Roy Keane

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+ 3

A total of six squads, including one 86-rated squad.

Prime Michael Owen

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+ 3

A total of six squads, including two 85-rated squads.

Estimated Costs

The estimated costs for these three SBCs will follow shortly.

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