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*WATCH* FIFA 21 Glitch sees goalkeeper score from his own box... by accident

Goalkeepers scoring is a rarity, although we have already seen one FIFA fan dominating FUT 21 with Petr Cech!

However, this goal is beyond ridiculous and we can only imagine the reaction of the player on the receiving end.

Find out what happened below.

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FIFA has always been a source of annoyance for many players, and we all know someone who has taken their frustrations too far.

Sometimes it can be nothing wrong with the game, but your striker misses an open goal seemingly easier to score, or your goalkeeper inexplicably lets one through.

FIFA 21 full kit glitch 1
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PLAYER MANAGER! This is not the first bug we have seen on FIFA 21

These things happen in football, but that doesn’t make them any less irritating!

However, in this scenario, we feel the FIFA player on the receiving end is well within their rights to have a complete meltdown.


How’s your luck?

We have seen a multitude of bugs in FIFA 21 so far, but this goal shared by Twitter user Jack Kenmare is the icing on the cake.

Let us set the scene. You are 4-3 down but your striker is clean through one v one.

He misses the initial attempt. The save though falls to another of your players on the rebound, it must be the equalizer.

Their goalkeeper has other ideas and not only makes the save, but he also somehow sends the ball the length of the pitch and into your net.

5-3. Bits of controller everywhere. Cheers FIFA, son’s crying now.

Now we don’t know what happened next in truth, but we can’t see any rational person being calm at this stage of proceedings.


Petr Cech the Goal Machine

The story above is not the first we have seen about goalkeepers scoring on FIFA 21.

One Ultimate Team player took it a step further by deploying ICON and Chelsea legend Petr Cech up front!

cech base icon 86
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The giant Czech Republic keeper more than held his own, in fact he did so well that he has reached a huge milestone already!

Check out more about Petr Cech’s goalscoring exploits here.

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