FIFA 21: Will there be five subs? – New Features, VAR, Gameplay & more

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The introduction of Goal-line Technology by EA was a smart move as it brought with it new graphics and an added sense of realism.

On FIFA 21 however, could we see VAR and other regulations introduced during the pandemic such as the use of five substitutes?


Will we see an extra two substitutes available on FIFA 21?

This all depends on whether these regulations continue in the Premier League, with no confirmation if they will be used in the new season.

The time taken for subs to be made is an area of concern, particularly online, although in the real world you can only make substitutes three times.

This means that the same time is taken, but you can use an extra two players during that allocation.

Extended Bench

Could we even see the number of players on the bench increase?

Serie A has allowed more than seven players for a while now, so we are not sure why we have not seen this change yet.

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The number of players on the bench should be a quick fix as it can change between five and seven already.

We are sure that EA will make FIFA 21 accurate in this department as it should be relatively straight forward.


We just do not see how this will work.

It is already a bit annoying when the linesman flags late and denies you a goal, especially when you have just celebrated what you thought was the winner.

FIFA goal line technology
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DENIED! Goal line technology has provided a nice graphic to see just how close we have come to scoring

VAR in real life has also been tiring at times and even then, they are not 100% getting the right decision.

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Although it would improve realism, FIFA should not get decisions wrong in the first place.

Water Break



Surely, we will not see the water breaks added to FIFA 21.

Whether it continues into the new season we will have to wait and see.

Maybe just a quick cut scene could be introduced, but we don’t see it being a popular addition.

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