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FIFA 21: What we actually want to see - Pack Luck, Pro Clubs, Career Mode, VAR & more

FIFA 21 is fast approaching, but what's on our ultimate wishlist for the new game?

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Better Pack Luck

We've all raged at EA at one point or another for not providing us with the pack luck we think we deserve!

Will we finally see a change in fortunes this year, or will it be the same old sorry story for most of us?

fifa 21 pack opening
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Luck of the Draw - What will your pack luck be like in FIFA 21?

Could we see more guaranteed pack rewards depending on how well we play in Division Rivals or how far we get in FUT Draft?


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Could we potentially see the introduction of joint pack rewards from playing FUT Co-Op?

Managing Youth Teams

Career Mode could be improved a number of ways, to say the least!

An option to manage youth as well as U-23 Teams on FIFA 21 Career Mode would significantly add authenticity to the game mode.

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This would also provide more playing time for the career mode fanatics amongst us!

Hyper Links for Related Players

We all want to see hyperlinks for related players in Ultimate Team, as they must have the best in-game connection possible, right?

pogba fifa 20 card 2
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pogba cb fifa 20 card 2
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Brother's Paul and Florentin Pogba would ordinarily receive a red link in Ultimate Team, but it would be so cool if we could see brothers such as the Pogba's and the Boateng's hyperlink each other.


Competitive Pro-Clubs Cups

All Pro Clubs players want to see the introduction of competitive competitions.

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We are all tired of playing custom game modes, such as Headers and Volleys, to win Silverware, can't EA introduce some cup competitions that we can play seriously?

More Scouting Options in Career Mode

Increased possible number of youth player scouts would allow for a higher number of youth players to choose from.

career mode trent alexander arnold fifa 21
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Young Guns - Could you scout someone as good as Trent in FIFA 21?


More scouting filters should also be available when setting up a scouting network, for example specific overall level or a specific age.

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Scouting 12-14 year olds with high potential could also add extra excitement when the player finally arrives in the first team.

Arrival of VAR

With the Video Assistant Referee featuring so heavily in the modern game, why hasn't EA brought it to FIFA?

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The introduction of VAR would make the game seem far more realistic, as we've all become accustomed to VAR in the past 18 months.

Displayed Free Agents in Pro Clubs

During Drop-In Matches, the introduction of a feature to show whether a player is a Free Agent, or is already tied to a Club, would be very useful.

fifa 21 pro clubs
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Celebrate in Style! New goal celebrations arriving to Pro Clubs in FIFA 21


If you notice a Free-Agent during a Drop-In match, who would fill a gap in your team perfectly, you could send them a request to join your club during half-time or post-match.

This feature would allow you to build your teams more effectively and interact with more people all over the world!

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