FIFA 21: What is FUT Co-op? – New Features, Rewards, Gameplay & more

FIFA 21 is approaching fast and EA are revealing more on their new game all the time.

One of the most exciting reveals so far is the introduction of FUT Co-op, so here is what we know about this new feature.

What is FUT Co-op?

From what we have been told so far, FUT Co-op will allow you to compete with your friends on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

It looks like you will be able to play Division Rivals and Squad Battles in Co-op which could make for some thrilling gameplay.

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RIVALS! How will the online ranks differ on FUT Co-op

By the wording “a friend” suggests it will only be available for two players to play together at a time.

Even so, this is a fantastic addition to the game, and we can’t wait to try it out.

Competitive Play

As mentioned above, only Division Rivals and Squad Battles have been announced as available on FUT Co-op.

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We assume these will be separate from your solo Rivals and Squad Battles rankings.

How your squads are formed is yet to be revealed and we should find out more in August.

Will the squad be a hybrid of players from both your solo squads? Or will you have to build a new squad from scratch? Both options sounds appealing to us!


So far, all EA have announced is that you can compete for rewards, complete objectives and earn weekly progress.


As of yet, no detail has been given on how this will work.

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WE WAIT! More news on FIFA 21 is set to be rolled out next month

Could we see a Co-op only Division Rivals ranking system where you only compete against other Co-op teams?

If that is the case, will the Weekend League be available in Co-op play too? EA are certainly keeping us guessing for now.

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