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10 Aug 2020

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: FUT community overjoyed after removal of these two consumable items

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: FUT community overjoyed after removal
of these two consumable items

It's been a mainstay in the FUT menus for years, but it has finally been removed ahead of FIFA 21!

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Fitness Cards will NOT feature in FIFA 21

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Training Cards Removed

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Changes to Pack Weight?

The FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Gameplay trailer is finally here!

From the confirmation of the full list of 100 icons that will feature in the new title, to a brand-new FUT Stadium, there is plenty to get stuck into.

But here we will look over some news that we are sure will be music to the ears of FUT players all over the world!

Fitness Cards will NOT feature in FIFA 21

Yes you read that correctly, there will be NO fitness cards in FIFA 21!

Instead, the fitness of your Ultimate Squad will follow a similar pattern to that of other FIFA modes such as Online Seasons or Friendlies in that you will lose fitness throughout the match you are playing, but your squad will be back to 100 before your next game.

FIFA Fitness Cards

SAVINGS! You won't have to spend a penny on fitness in FIFA 21

EA has made a big effort to listen to what the community want ahead of the release of their football sim and it's safe to say, that this decision would have been near the top of a lot of FUT players lists!

Training Cards Removed

Fitness cards aren't the only consumable that will leave the FUT roster heading into FIFA 21.

Training cards will also no longer feature in the upcoming Ultimate Team. This means that you will no longer be able to add +10 attributes to Lionel Messi in order to make it basically impossible for your opponent to beat you. Sounds about right to us!

FIFA 13 Training Cards

EA removed the use of training cards from Weekend League pretty early on after some negative feedback from the community, so we're not sure these will be a massive miss to be honest.

Changes to Pack Weight?

Now we know that there will be no fitness or training cards in FIFA 21, but what that means for the future of FUT packs remains to be seen.

Any non 'players' packs within FIFA will always feature consumables - contracts, fitness cards, position modifiers etc - but with two of those consumable types now extinct, will EA have to change the way they weight packs?

FIFA 7 5k Pack 1

PACK WEIGHT! There will be no more fitness or training cards to bulk out your packs

Could we see more players in the standard packs? Or maybe EA has some new consumables up their sleeves. The answer remains to be seen, but with plenty more to be revealed in the coming weeks, we're sure we will know soon enough!