FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream: New FUT Card Design, Theme Teased for Halloween Event

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream could be coming soon, as EA have just posted a teaser for a new card design for the upcoming Halloween event.

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Let's go over what the event could bring to FUT 21!

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream

Ultimate Scream has a long history in FIFA, bringing new upgraded cards with supernatural boosts.

HISTORY: We expect Ultimate Scream to upgrade plenty on the visuals for FIFA 21
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HISTORY: We expect Ultimate Scream to upgrade plenty on the visuals for FIFA 21

The event is the first to inject new powerful cards like this, so it's always a pivotal time in the FUT year.

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We expect this year to be no different, and for FUT to be shaken up approaching Halloween.

A new name?

While Ultimate Scream is near and dear to fans hearts, it looks like the Halloween FUT event could go by a different name in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream Ressurrections 1
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RESURRECTIONS?: Will FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream take on a resurrection theme?

According to the teaser posted to Twitter, we know a few of the letters making up what we expect is a new name.


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While it's hard to figure out, our guess is it will be called Resurrections.


The FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream event should bring a new FUT card design according to the teaser, and we expect some new cards and boosts to go with it!

In line with the potential resurrection theme, we expect some players who are past their prime to have cards that take them back.

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This list could include heroes of old like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mario Balotelli, Mezut Ozil, and Andres Iniesta.