FIFA 21: Trick or Treat SBC - How to Complete, Rewards, Estimated Costs & more

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It's Halloween in FIFA 21!

There's no more change as far as the Rulebreakers are concerned, but is a new set of SBC's!

Here is how to complete them.


Trick or Treat SBC Information

There are two puzzles for you to get stuck into, both of which bring a pack-based reward.

Shape Shift Requirements & Reward

The first half of the Trick or Treat SBC is a challenge entitled Shape Shift.

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Here are the requirements

  • Nationalities: Maximum 3
  • Same Leagues: Maximum 5
  • UCL Players: Minium 1
  • Gold Players: Minimum 6
  • Quality: Minimum Silver
  • Chemistry: Minimum 55

REWARD: One Premium Gold Pack (7.5k)

Shape Shift Cost & Solution

The Shape Shifter SBC can be completed for around 5k on both platforms.

Here is the cheapest solution available courtesy of FUTBIN.

Screenshot 2020 10 31 at 18 22 18
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+ 2

The Pharaoh's Curse Requirements & Rewards

The second half of the challenge is entitled 'The Pharaoh's Curse'.

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Here is what you'll need to do.

  • League: Minimum 2
  • Same Nations: Minimum 4
  • Same Club: Minimum 2
  • UCL Players: Minimum 1
  • Gold Players: Minimum 7
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 65

REWARD: One Jumbo Premium Gold Pack (15k)

The Pharaoh's Curse Cost & Solution

The Pharaoh's Curse can be completed for under 5k on both Xbox One and PS4.

Here is the cheapest solution from FUTBIN.

Screenshot 2020 10 31 at 18 27 26
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+ 2

Group Rewards

The reward for completing both of the two challenges is one Mega Pack (35k)

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