FIFA 21 Trailer: 3 things we want to see – Gameplay, Graphics & more

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The FIFA 21 Official Reveal Trailer has been announced and we cannot wait to see what EA has in store for us.

Check out below three things we want to see from the trailer.


The most crucial part of the game, and let’s be honest, it needs some work after FIFA 20.

Penalties and set-pieces in general were an issue, but as they are such a vital part of the game we want to see them improved!

rsz fifa 20 sancho
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CONTROL! We saw adjustments made to dribbling last year but what will EA bring to FIFA 21

Last year we saw new ways to dribble and defend, so what will we see this year?

This is something we hope is revealed in the trailer with a new way to beat your opponent or create space against a mass defence.

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Arguably what we are most excited about.

There is much hype surrounding the Next Gen consoles and their graphic capability, so will we witness it in all its glory?

The graphics improve year on year so FIFA 21 should be the best yet, however they could take giant strides forward ahead of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Fingers crossed EA demonstrate just how good the graphics will be for FIFA 21 in the Official Trailer.

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New Game Mode

Volta and The Journey are two game modes that EA have recently added into the FIFA franchise.

Both game modes have received mixed reviews with neither fully grabbing the attention of the FIFA community.

Volta football
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FLOP! Volta did not quite take off as EA would have hoped

Ultimate Team is the priority for EA, so it would take more effort on their part to introduce a game mode that could even come close to competing.


More likely is added improvements to Career Mode as EA have shown the classic mode a little more TLC in the past couple of years.

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