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FIFA 21 TOTW: Have In-Form cards and FUT Champs picks become pointless?

A new set of Team of the Week (TOTW) cards is released every week, but have these squads become pointless on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

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Common Trends

Each week we see a new Team of the Week rolled out, with 23 new players arriving in packs.

The players all receive brand-new in-form cards, but do any of them actually become ‘useable’?

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NOT BAD! 84-rated players should be useable, Volland just is not fast enough

These players are also used as rewards for Weekend League as ‘FUT Champs’ picks, but are they overhyped?

Frankly, there are a limited number of players that are used on FUT each season, with most teams revolving around pace.

Adama Traoré
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SUPER SUB! Every man and his dog seems to have Adama on the bench

Wingers and full backs will not be used unless they are quick, with Adama Traore a firm favourite off the bench this season!

This begs the question, why bother giving players slight improvements when no one is using them anyway?

Meaningful Moments

This is one element we are yet to see in full effect on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

In the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Deep Dive, EA mentioned a change in special items that went as follows:

Trent FIFA 21
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SET-PIECE SPECIALIST! Individual ratings boosts are a good idea

“In the past, Special Items have been limited in the way they could be upgraded, limited to the six face attributes on a Player Item; Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defending and Physical. This allowed us to improve players but didn’t allow for us to target specific Attributes to be increased based on the specific events that happen in a match.

In FUT 21, we’ve built out a new feature that will allow certain Special Items such as Moments Items to better reflect the real world footballing moments they are based on.

As an example, if Trent Alexander-Arnold was to receive a Moments Item to celebrate him as a dead ball specialist in previous games his Passing would increase to raise his Free Kick Accuracy stat. In FUT 21, we will be able to raise his Free Kick Accuracy to new heights without also impacting his Short and Long Passing to better reflect his on pitch abilities in FUT."

Surely this could have happened to James Ward-Prowse after his two sensational free-kicks against Aston Villa?

Ward Prowse
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SLUGGISH! JWP is another TOTW 6 star who just won't get any minutes

It is this idea though that could revolutionise the TOTW cards and bring them into contention for our squads, and not just SBC fodder.

What We Want

We think that the 23 TOTW players are unnecessary now with such a reliance on a limited number of *fast* players.

Perhaps a smaller group of the top performers could receive more substantial boosts.

Ward Prowse 1
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MAKE THEM PLAYABLE! Bigger improvements will increase the number of useable players

We don’t want to keep talking about pace, but essentially that is what is required to make some unpopular players useable in the game.

We all eagerly await EA’s promos as they might throw up a new card that could slot into our teams perfectly, so why not do the same with TOTW?

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