FIFA 21 Title Update #4: Will we see Elland Road this year?

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FIFA 21 released another title update a couple of days ago, but yet again there is no sign of Elland Road!

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No Elland Road

Leeds United have enjoyed one of the finest twelve months in their recent history.

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They ended their 16-year-wait to return to the Premier League back in July and have since kicked on as they look to reestablish themselves as a Premier League mainstay.

Leeds United FIFA 21
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But if you're a Leeds fan who wants to kick back and play with your side at home, then you've got an issue as there is still no sign of Elland Road heading to FIFA 21 anytime soon.

Elland Road to come soon?


Who knows. Leeds fans have been crying out for it for some time but it appears as though their requests are falling on deaf ears.

The Hawthorns FIFA 21 min 2
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THE HAWTHORNS! Fellow promoted side West Brom have their home stadium in game.

It remains the only Premier League ground that is unavailable in FIFA 21 and, with Leeds showing no signs of a relegation battle anytime soon, surely it's better to get it added now?

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There will be plenty of title updates to come in the near future, so keep your fingers crossed for Elland Road to be added to the footballing sim.

Next-Gen Launch

If we're looking at prospective launch dates, then maybe it's worth looking to Friday, December 4.

ps5 accessories
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That is the date when the Next Gen version of FIFA 21 will be launched, surely it's a date that makes sense!

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