FIFA 21: Sami Khedira Flashback SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Expiry Date & more

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We've got a brand new SBC to get stuck into!

German midfielder Sami Khedira has received a flashback card which is sure to excite many a Serie A fan!

Flashback Sami Khedira Information


The Juventus (Piemonte Calcio) midfielder has seen his card upgraded massively thanks to this Flashback SBC.

Here is what you need to know.

Start & Expiry Date

Start Date: Thursday, November 19 - 6pm GMT

Expiry Date: Thursday, November 26 - 6pm GMT


EA are asking for two squads in return for the veteran German.

Here are the requirements.

Past and Present

  • Real Madrid OR Piemonte Calcio Players: Minimum One
  • Team of the Week Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 83
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 75
  • Reward: One Jumbo Gold Pack

Die Mannschaft

  • German Players: Minimum One
  • Team Rating: Minimum 86
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 70
  • Reward: One Prime Mixed Players Pack

Player Review

Now this is what we call an upgrade.

Let's face it, base Sami Khedira is pretty much useless thanks to his 45-rated pace.

EA have really gone to town with the upgrades here. a +31 to his pace takes him up to a decent 76 OVR, with his defensive game also seeing some pretty substantial upgrades.

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+8 and +11 to the Germans defence and physicality respectively hands the Piemonte man an 87-rated defence and a monster 89-rated physicality.


85-rated dribbling and 86-rated passing means that this is as close to a perfect CM/CDM as you are going to find.

2* skills aren't great, but not really necessary for a CDM. The 4* weak foot is much more important. M/M work rates are fine.

Worth it?

At time of writing, the estimated cost for this SBC is around £140-150k.

We think this is a pretty fair price given both the abilities that this card possesses and the fact you could easily build the German into a Bundesliga hybrid.