FIFA 21 Road to the Final: Youcef Atal SBC - Requirements, Rewards, Estimated Cost & more

The Road to the Final Team One has grown!

Rather than just Champions League players, the setup now features five Europa League players, including Arsenal star Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

Aside from the main squad itself, there is also a new SBC available, which focuses on Algerian fullback, Youcef Atal.


RTTF Youcef Atal SBC Information

The OGC Nice fullback is available for you to pick up in game now.

Here is the key information as you decide if he's the man for you.

Start & Expiry Date

Start Date - Tuesday, November 10 - 6pm GMT

End Date - Tuesday, November 17 - 6pm GMT


EA are asking for just the one squad in return for the Algerian international.

The requirements for said squad are as follows:

  • Ligue 1 Players: Minimum One
  • Team of the Week Players: Minimum One
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 83
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 80

Estimated Cost

With just one, 83-rated squad required, this latest SBC won't set you back a big chunk of your budget.

Here are the rough estimated costs for this Atal SBC.

  • PS4: 24k
  • Xbox One: 24k

Player Review

He may be cheap, but is Atal good enough to take up that right back slot in your side?

The card is very good. 94 pace heads his stats, with 85 dribbling not far behind.

As a right back though, 77 defending and 76 physicality aren't great.

Atal 1
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But for those who remembers last years Shapeshifters promo, Atal can do quite a job in other areas of the pitch!

With 77-rated passing and 73-rated shooting alongside a 4* weak foot and 5* skills, you've got a very good right midfielder, central midfielder or even a CAM in this card.

We'd avoid using him as a right-back, but in terms of a super sub off your bench, this is a card worth considering.