Is FIFA 21 Resurrects the Future of Ultimate Scream?

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream is an age-old event that is pivotal to the FUT life cycle, but a new rebrand could be coming - changing it to FIFA 21 Resurrects!

What can we expect from FIFA 21's upcoming Halloween event?

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream has a long history as an important FUT event, the first to introduce powerful boosted cards each year.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream 1
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TIS THE SEASON: Ultimate Scream should be coming soon

Despite this history, if we look at EA's new teaser for the upcoming FIFA 21 Halloween event, a new name looks to be coming.

FIFA 21 Resurrects

The word puzzle given in EA's new FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream teaser points to one particular name: Resurrects.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Scream Ressurrections
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DECODE: Is the answer to EA's teaser Resurrects? Will this be the new event name?

We expect this will mean the upcoming FIFA 21 event will center around "resurrecting" old players who have lost their touch, bringing them back to the glory days.

But while this could be the theme of the event, it could also be the new name for FIFA Ultimate Scream moving forward!

The Puzzle


Thus far, FIFA 21 fans have all come to agreement - the puzzle just has to be Resurrects!

But that doesn't mean there aren't other alternatives.

Join us in staring way too hard at the teaser in order to decode other possibilities - and stay tuned as we cover all of its latest news as it comes.

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