FIFA 21 Reddit: Kit Builder, Loading Screens, Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Concepts & more

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The FIFA community is a vocal one and often come up with brilliant ideas for each new game.

However, along with each new idea come a few whacky ones, so we have rounded up the best Reddit has to offer ahead of FIFA 21.

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FUT Captain

This looks like a great idea.


At the start of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team you should have the option of selecting a captain who can then improve throughout the season.

mark noble fifa 21 captain
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UPGRADE! Begin FUT21 with a basic captain card that is upgradeable throughout the year.

Much like the objective cards we see now, this could be a season long progression with fresh objectives released every couple of weeks or so.

We very much like the sound of a ‘captain objectives’ card.

Kick-Off Draft Mode

Draft Mode is great fun, but often it feels like a waste of 15,000 coins.

Being able to play the draft offline, whether single player or with your friends would be a great addition.

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Creating your own teams and playing against your mates is always fun and this could make it just that bit more exciting.


Imagine if they incorporated it into a brand-new Lounge Mode

Kit Builder

You can design your kit on Pro Clubs, so why not anywhere else?

Let’s be honest, creating your own kits is fun so why can we only do it in one game mode?

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FRESH! Changing up your kit style would be a welcome addition to Career Mode.

When you think back to being able to create your own team of FIFA 2002, EA really should bring back the Creation Centre.

A detailed Kit Builder would also be a great addition to Career Mode too, helping keep things fresh season after season.

Ryan Kent

Get him on the loading screen!

The Rangers winger has been a menace on Ultimate Team this year and fans want to see it rewarded.

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A concept loading screen has been created that includes Ryan Kent, Adama Traore, Neymar Jr and Kylian Mbappe.


The short clip also includes some not so subtle digs at ‘Pay to Win’ and EA’s servers too.

David Luiz

This feels a little harsh on Arsenal defender David Luiz.

Yes, he was poor against Man City… but a 58 OVR just will not happen.

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