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FIFA 21 Ratings: Best Strikers (ST, CF) - Ronaldo, Lewandowski, Mbappe & more

EA have just come through massively revealing all of the FIFA 21 ratings as we approach launch.

Here are the best FIFA 21 strikers. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo – 92 OVR

Cristiano Ronaldo leads the game this year on FIFA 21 ratings as the best striker.

FIFA 21 Cristiano Ronaldo
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UNTOUCHED: Ronaldo's legacy as a striker is unmatched

Ronaldo has the highest Shooting in the game at 93 with 95 Finishing, 95 Positioning, 94 Long Shots, 93 Shot Power and plenty more. 


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Ronaldo also has quite a motor with 91 Sprint Speed and 87 Acceleration

The legend continues his reign in FIFA 21, and with 5-star Skill Moves will terrorize defenses all year. 

Robert Lewandowski - 91 OVR

Robert Lewandowski is a dangerous striker with capability to find the back of the net in any situation. 

FIFA 21 Robert Lewandowski
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FINISHER: Lewandowski can take out a team in an instant


Lewandowski may not have the highest pace, but his shooting ability is top notch with 94 Finishing, 94 Positioning, and 89 Shot Power

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The Polish veteran may be outpaced in FIFA 21, but you’ll have to keep an eye on him, or he’ll turn the tides of a game quick. 

Kylian Mbappe - 90 OVR

Kylian Mbappe is football’s next superstar, and at just 22-years old has secured the FIFA 21 cover

FIFA 21 Kylian Mbappe
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NEXT UP: Mbappe could very well be the next football legend before he turns 25


Mbappe has an absolutely relentless 96 Pace which is the highest in FIFA 21, allowing him to wear down defenses and find goals. This includes 96 Acceleration, 96 Sprint Speed, and 92 Agility

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Mbappe also has the highest dribbling of FIFA 21 strikers at 91, which includes 92 Dribbling and 90 Ball Control, and 5-star Skill Moves as well.

The French prodigy is one of the most dangerous offensive threats in FIFA 21, and you might need a lineup change or two to keep up with his pace of attack. 

Sergio Aguero - 89 OVR

Sergio Agüero is a dangerous striker with fantastic finishing ability and ball control fans have come to expect from Argentinian legends. 

FIFA 21 Sergio Aguero
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MAGICIAN: Good luck poking the ball from Aguero

Aguero has a whopping 94 Finishing and 94 Positioning, complemented by his 89 Ball Control and 88 Dribbling.

Harry Kane - 88 OVR

Harry Kane is one of England's finest, and can find the back of the net as well as anyone.

FIFA 21 Harry Kane
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STATIONARY SCORER: Kane may not bring the pace, but he brings lethal finishing

In FIFA 21 Kane has 94 Finishing, 93 Positioning, and 91 Shot Power.

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This puts him right up with some of the most elite scorers in football history.

Ciro Immobile - 87 OVR

Ciro Immobile is one of the best goal scorers in Italian football today, and lands quite highly in FIFA 21 ratings.

FIFA 21 Ciro Immobile
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TRIPLE THREAT: Immobile brings great shooting, pace, and dribbling skills

Immobile brings 93 Finishing, 93 Positioning, and 88 Penalties to the table.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - 87 OVR

Gabonese superstar Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a massively understated goal-scoring threat as one FIFA 21's best strikers.

FIFA 21 Pierre Emerick Aubameyang
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SPEEDSTER: Good luck tracking down Aubameyang for 90 minutes

While Aubameyang has great shooting skills with 93 Positioning and 91 Finishing, it's really his pace that's the killer.

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Aubameyang brings a whopping 94 Sprint Speed and 91 Acceleration to blast past far back defenders.

Luis Suarez - 87 OVR

Luis Suarez is a name football fans know well with quite a legacy behind him.

FIFA 21 Luis Suarez
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LIGHTNING ROD: Suarez can bring other players into the fold, a rare skill for a striker

In FIFA 21, Suarez brings some elite shooting skills to the table and decent all-around game with dribbling and passing.

This includes 92 Finishing, 91 Positioning, 90 Volleys, and 89 Shot Power.

Antoine Griezmann - 87 OVR

Antoine Griezmann brings a very well-rounded game as one of FIFA 21's best strikers.

FIFA 21 Antoine Griezmann
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ALL ROUNDER: Griezmann brings a very tight all-around game

While Griezmann may lack the shooting prowess of many other FIFA 21 strikers on this list, he makes up for it with great all-around skills across passing, dribbling, and pace as well.

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This results in a unique skillset for Griezmann, with 91 Agility, 89 Positioning, 89 Ball Control, 88 Finishing, 87 Dribbling, and 84 Short Passing.

Jamie Vardy - 86 OVR

To round out our top 10 strikers in FIFA 21, we have another Englishman, Jamie Vardy.

FIFA 21 Jamie Vardy
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PEST: Vardy can tire out defenders with constant pressure

Jamie Vardy is another pace-heavy striker with ability to wear down defenses before snatching a goal.

Vardy brings 92 Finishing, 92 Positioning, and 90 Acceleration which help him break defenses over his time on the pitch.