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FIFA 21 Pro Clubs: Have EA finally given up ahead of release?

FIFA 21 is just over a fortnight away and have we now had our biggest indication yet that Pro Clubs is a non starter?

It's been a fan favourite mode for years but there has been very little in terms of updates in recent times - and that doesn't look set to change in FIFA 21!

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EA release Beta Feedback Pitch Notes

The FIFA 21 Closed Beta finished back at the start of the month, and we now have some feedback from EA over the changes they are making.

Whilst there is plenty of news surrounding other game modes - including Ultimate Team, Career Mode and even Volta - there is next to nothing about the changes to Pro Clubs.

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CELEBRATIONS! The new celebrations was one of few changes seen in the Beta

In fact there was just two areas addressed. Does this mean that we are going to see yet another year of little to no changes in the popular mode?


Very Little Change

The two notes in question relate to minor changes to positional issues that were cited by those who played the mode on the Beta.

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As per EA's website, the issues that were raised and the solutions given are as follows:

  • There was no option for players to select CM as their Virtual Pro position.
    • We’ve added the CM position to offer a complete midfielder package alongside the existing CAM and CDM positions. It comes with its own starting attribute set.
  • We received feedback around a lack of pace for some Virtual Pro positions, specifically with CB and CAM/CDM positions.
    • We’ve made some general fixes & tuning adjustments to player growth for your Virtual Pro and also updated the pace for certain positions.

Any hope for Pro Clubs in FIFA 21?

It's a tough one.

Pro Clubs will still exist in FIFA 21, and it's still a mode that many players will continue to play as it is by far the most sociable and for many, the most enjoyable mode to play in the EA title.

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FACES! You'll look better than before, but how about changes to the in-games?


That means that it is still a mode that will be played and enjoyed, but again there will be no groundbreaking new features to enjoy.

But how long will fans continue to accept the lack of effort put into the mode? It's clearly not a priority for EA, could we even see it scrapped from FIFA all together in the near future?

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