FIFA 21 POTM: Bamba Announced as Ligue 1 October Player of the Month

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FUT fans look away now, Kylian Mbappe is NOT the Ligue 1 October Player of the Month.

Check out the new card below.

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Ligue 1 POTM                           


We all thought cover star Kylian Mbappe was going to be Player of the Month (POTM), but alas.

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THE WAIT GOES ON! Sadly no Mbappe this month

Lille winger Jonathan Bamba has received the award after enjoying an excellent month himself.

New Card


With great pace and dribbling, Bamba is a top-class attacking option.

bamba potm
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PACE! A new winger is now an option

He doesn’t have bad shooting or passing stats either, so Bamba is a balanced all-round attacker.



You’ll need three squads to earn Bamba’s 86-rated card.

The first squad needs to be rated 85 or higher, with the other two 86+.

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