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FIFA 21: Official Career Mode Trailer Revealed – New Features, Loan Deals, Interactive Match Sim, Youth Development, Position Changes & more

It is the month of reveals, with EA rolling out numerous trailers for various game modes on FIFA 21.

Today’s reveal if the Official Career Mode Trailer, but what’s new?

What we already know

EA have already revealed some new aspects of FIFA 21 Career Mode.

There will be a brand-new Interactive Match Sim option. This will enable you to jump in and out of matches for the crucial moments!

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SEE IT ALL! The new sim options will give you more control

New ways to sign players will improve the transfer market too, with loan-to-buy deals available.

Finally, players positions will be adjustable. Manage your team and shape the way you want them to play.

FIFA 21 Official Career Mode Trailer

The one we have been waiting for, so here it is!

New Features

As we have now seen, there are a number of changes coming to FIFA 21 Career Mode.

Interactive Match Sim

Jump in and out of simulated matches to stay in control.

It looks like the Sim screen will show more detail than in previous years too, great news!

Player Growth System

Develop your squad how you want and adjust your players' positions.

There are also new Development Plans too to help you perfect your style.

Active Training

Fitness, match sharpness and morale will affect your players performance.

Manage training sessions accordingly to get the best from your team!

New Transfer Options

EA have revealed a more realistic transfer market coming to FIFA 21 Career Mode.

With new ways to sign players, the transfer window looks set to be more crucial than ever.

Enhanced Opposition AI

More intelligent opposition will make Career Mode more competitive on FIFA 21.

Both in attack and defence, your opposition will be tougher to play against!

Check out the full details from FIFA 21 Career Mode here.

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