FIFA 21: 7 New Features CONFIRMED for Next-Gen

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Boy, what a week! Not only have we got a release date for the title, but we've also been given the low-down on some impressive new features for FIFA 21 for next-gen.

Let's take a look at seven new features you'll definitely want to know about.


New Features for Next-Gen

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are shaping up to be something very special indeed.

Both boast some serious power underneath their respective hoods - but that's not all they bring to the table - and certainly not all FIFA 21 could utilize to its advantage.


Now both Xbox Series X and PS5 are said to have incredibly fast loading times. This has been demoed and shown before, and the difference between old and next-gen is stark, to say the least.

To give you a rough idea, the PS4 can load 1 GB of data in approximately 20 seconds. The PS5 is said to be able to load 2 one-quarter of a second.

No more waiting around, itching to get onto the virtual pitch. You'll now be able to kick off in literally seconds!

man city liverpool fifa 21

GET IN TO THE ACTION, FAST: With reduced loading times on next-gen, there's no more waiting around!

Controller Haptics (PS5 only)

So this is a feature confirmed for PS5 only at the moment, as it works with the PS5 DuelSense Controller.

Haptic feedback, put simply, is like a very advanced vibration setting on a controller.

Rather than just having a generic 'rumble' when you kick a ball, you'll receive 'haptic feedback' through the controller, which reflects the feeling more accurately.

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This could make it possible for you to 'feel' the difference between absolutely smashing the ball through the net, to a light, perfectly controlled pass.

fifa 21 graphics next gen

GREAT TOUCH: With haptic feedback, you'll feel the game like never before

Lighting Improvements

FIFA 21 will use a new lighting system as yet another feature for next-gen.

Lighting plays a very important part in graphics; if it doesn't look right - you'll know it! Thankfully with FIFA 21's new lighting system, you'll be able to see even more detail everywhere in the game.

From the stadium to the pitch, get ready for an amazingly immersive experience.

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Re-imagined Player Bodies

Much like lighting, how bodies move and look in-game can either make or break the realism of a title.


Nothing is worse than having an exceptionally rendered player likeliness, ruined by them running like an out of control android around the pitch.

FIFA 21 will be 're-imagining' player bodies, meaning that we'll likely see a more realistic rendering of physiques than in previous installments.

Player Animations

There will be enhanced animation technology in place for FIFA 21. This will create an 'ultra-responsive' and realistic sense of player movement.

Expect to see players running, changing pace, shooting, and celebrating in an increasingly authentic and believable way.

Interestingly, this focus on realism is continued even when players aren't in the action...

Off Ball Humanisation

With the enhancements to FIFA 21 giving it a more realistic feel, the attention to detail obviously has to be on point.


That means that even players who aren't in the action, still have to be moving and behaving realistically.

One improved feature will include further player humanization - essentially you'll see footballers adjusting shin-pads, shouting for passes and more!

mbappe fifa 21

TAKE A LOOK AROUND: You'll be able to spot unique off-ball player behaviour in the game

Next Level Atmospheres

And finally, number 7 on our list for confirmed features for FIFA 21 for next-gen, is to do with the intense atmosphere of the upcoming title.

You'll see people on the bench coming to life and reacting to the situation, as you will with the crowd and players themselves.


We can't wait to see how the crowd responds to last minute goals, penalties, fouls, or even an own goal!

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Wonder how they'll respond to scoring a sweaty though?

For everything FIFA 21, from price & pre-order all the way to the latest news on FUT - be sure to check back in with us.