FIFA 21: Luis Suarez Confirmed OTW, TOTW Player Guaranteed in Deadline Day Pack

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The FIFA world is buzzing around FIFA 21, and the newest announcement on Deadline Day packs is a big one.

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Let's go over all the details.

Luis Suarez Confirmed as OTW

The first major new FIFA 21 announcement from EA reveals Luis Suarez as part of the Ones to Watch (OTW) series.

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TOTW: Suarez already has a big mark on FUT 21 as a member of TOTW 1

Suarez joins a stacked list of OTW cards entering this year's game, but likely leads most player's wishlist on who to pull in their Deadline Day Pack.

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The legendary striker is certainly deserving of the card, and will prove extra lethal in FUT 21 as a result.

Deadline Day Packs Guarantee TOTW Player

FIFA 21 is kicking off with a bang for Ultimate Team players - and a key part is Deadline Day packs.

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COMING SOON: Deadline Day is almost here, which means players can soon pick up the pack

These packs reward players for playing FIFA 21 on release day. They hold a ton of amazing players that you can pull to instantly give your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team some power on the pitch - but one particular new detail has fans massively excited!


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That detail is that FIFA 21 Deadline Day Packs will now guarantee a TOTW player!

You can look over the very first FIFA 21 TOTW lineup here.

This lineup includes Bruno Fernandes, Alejandro Gomez, Andres Iniesta, and Walter Benitez among others.

How to Earn the Deadline Day Pack

FIFA 21 Deadline Day Packs can be earned by playing the full version of FIFA 21 before Friday, 9 October!

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Along with many other ways to get a head start in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, this is perhaps the highest potential pickup for such an easy challenge - and should be a first priority for FUT players starting to upgrade their squads.