FIFA 21: Has Pro Clubs been neglected by EA?

EA has been rolling out the reveals, with some great new features arriving to some of our favourite game modes ahead of FIFA 21.

However, it looks like one game mode has been left out in the cold.


There has been plenty to get excited about ahead of FIFA 21.

Career Mode looks to have been given a revamp with added control over training, transfers and match simulation.

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NEW MATCH SIM! Take control mid-game in a new immersive experience

Ultimate Team has also been given a brand-new feature, with FUT Co-op an exciting new addition to the online game mode.

Even Volta has seen some change, but poor old Pro Clubs seems to have been forgotten about.

Pro Clubs

Unlike other game modes, Pro Clubs has not received its own trailer. Well, not yet anyway!

That is not to say there is nothing new coming to Pro Clubs.

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EA has released a 'deep dive' into FIFA 21 Pro Clubs with some detailed Pitch Notes.

We will see new levels of customisation within Pro Clubs, as well as having more control of tactics and game plans.


Despite the AI customisation being quite exciting, it feels like Pro Clubs will be exactly the same as FIFA 20.

De Ridder has almost become a cult-hero in the Pro Clubs community, so we won't even change him anyway!

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GATHER THE SQUAD! You will be able to fully customise your AI players on FIFA 21

But on a serious note, the game plans and tactics were available on every other game mode last year. This addition was almost expected.

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It feels like nothing has changed for Pro Clubs, so why bother?

Reddit Wishlist

As ever, the FIFA community has some great ideas on how to improve Pro Clubs.

Being able to improve your AI players is a big one. Nothing drastic, just slow improvements to help your team would be a great addition.

Rewards. This could link in to the point above in improving your AI players. There have also been calls for the return of Accomplishments too!

And finally, players should be able to join mid-game! Why not let us sub in EA?

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