FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer: What have we learnt? – Dribbling, Movement, Rewind & more

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FIFA 21 is so close now and we are beginning to find out more and more about the new game.

EA have revealed their gameplay trailer now and shown off some of their new features. Here is what you need to know about the gameplay trailer.

Agile Dribbling

We saw changes made to FIFA 20, but FIFA 21 looks to have brought dribbling to a whole new level.

New ball rolls, bridge dribbling and fast footwork provide more options when taking on defenders 1v1.

fifa 21 agile dribbling
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KEEP IT CLOSE! Close ball control will be more responsive than ever on FIFA 21

In the trailer, we see Raheem Sterling making a defender look silly using the fast footwork system!

We also get a glimpse of Volta, showing that the game mode is still set for a place in FIFA 21.

Positioning Personality

FIFA 21 should be the most realistic yet, with players having a better understanding of their position.

In the trailer, Kevin De Bruyne, Sergio Aguero, Fabinho and Virgil van Dijk are all namechecked when referencing positioning personality.

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In attack, KDB will find space effectively, while Aguero will be more capable of holding his run to stay onside.

On the defensive side of things, defensive midfielders like Fabinho will step in to make interceptions more effectively. Top centre backs like VVD will also improve when making blocks too!

Creative Runs

Some brand-new features to FIFA 21!

Not only will AI players make more creative runs, but you have an element of control too.

fifa 21 player lock
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LOCK ON! Take control of one forward to find the space you want

Firstly, directional ‘pass and go’ will allow you to play a one-two into the space you want.

You will also be able to lock to player while attacking, meaning you can travel into the space you want and receive the ball.

Natural Collision System

It seems we see something like this each year.

EA have announced that FIFA 21 will have an improved ‘Natural Collision System’ which will make for smoother player interactions.

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We have seen chaotic scenes of player pileups on FIFA 20, but these should be scenes of the past now.

FIFA 21 promises to be more natural in collisions in both goalmouth scrambles and contesting for the ball in midfield.

Fundamentals of Football

According to the gameplay trailer, the ‘Fundamentals of Football’ have been improved for FIFA 21.

This should improve the basic areas of FIFA such as passing, shooting and defending.

With the new creative runs, passing should be revolutionised, while the position personality will transform defending around the box.

One new feature we will see is Manual Headers. This could dramatically improve set-piece play and crossing which has been so ineffective on FIFA 20.


In Kick Off mode, you will be able to rewind the game.

This is not a feature that we expected and it seems unnecessary.

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However, you will be able to make sure you do score that perfect goal if you the finish lets you down.

Whether this feature will appear in any other offline game mode we would assume not.



Overall, the Gameplay Trailer did not disappoint.

EA have shown off some great new features, and our favourite has to be the creative runs.

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Hopefully, the lock to player while attacking will be effective as you will be relying on AI to pass you the ball.

There was no mention of set-pieces though, so we are still concerned at the state of penalties on FIFA 21!

WATCH: Watch the official gameplay trailer here

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