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FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer: 7 things we want to see - Graphics, Set-Pieces, Shooting & more

News about FIFA 21 is now coming thick and fast with another official reveal this week.

EA will reveal the official gameplay trailer Tuesday, 4 August at 11am ET / 4pm BST, so here are seven things we want to see.

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New Additions

First and foremost, we want to see the new features in action.

EA have already revealed some exciting features like Agile Dribbling and Positioning Personality, but we are yet to fully see them in action.

fifa 21 gameplay reveal
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MAKE WAY! Will we see EA's new additions shown off in the gameplay trailer


Hopefully, we get to see these exciting advancements in the gameplay trailer along with some new tricks.

EA have also claimed that their new Creative Runs will revolutionise attacking build-up play, so we want to see this too!


Let’s be honest, time finishing has been a bit of a flop.

Few of us leave it on and it seems a pointless addition since its introduction in FIFA 19.

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We would like to see this scrapped and a better emphasis on quality chances created, some form of finishing intelligence perhaps?

The range of shots available are solid with chips, finesses, and low drives all valuable assets, although we still see too many simple chances squandered through little fault of us as players.


Penalties certainly need adjusting for FIFA 21 as they have proven extremely unpopular since their revamp this year.

They are just unnecessarily difficult.

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50/50! It should be much easier to convert spot kicks on FIFA

A spot kick should be a great opportunity to score but ends up being almost 50/50 on FIFA 20.

Also, the run-up routines and ball striking just seems off. We definitely want to see improvements here in the gameplay trailer.



What should be an attacking threat often fizzles out.

Corners are fairly hit and miss although it is still possible to create scoring opportunities with a driven ball to the front post.

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Creating space and chances has been almost impossible from corners and there is little identity to each team.

We would like to see EA bring back the ‘create set-piece feature’ and put your own stamp on the game.

Free Kicks

Shooting directly from free kicks on FIFA 20 has actually been largely successful.

The updated free kick system still looks a bit robotic at times, but it is a good addition to the game.

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NOT BAD! Free Kicks on FIFA 20 have been a refreshing addition but they could be better


However, one area that can be overlooked is the free kick delivery from wide positions. These are shocking.

The ball behaviour on these can be dreadful at times and need work, particularly in offline and single player game modes.


Another area of the game that has been greatly improved.

Defending on FIFA 20 made for a much more balance between attack and defence with significant improvement to AI players.

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In fact, when using the ‘drop back’ tactics defending almost became easy!

With EA’s new creative run system, the drop back tactic should not be as overpowered. We will just have to wait and see.



Although this is a gameplay trailer, we still can’t wait to see the graphics for the new game.

Player emotion is something that is being improved by EA, but it is still not perfect.

We shouldn’t get greedy, after all the graphics and realism of the game is excellent already.

However, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X we are as excited as ever to see what EA have in store for us.

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