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10 Aug 2020

FIFA 21 FUT Stadiums: New customisation has made the popular game mode more immersive than ever

FIFA 21 FUT Stadiums: New customisation has made the popular
game mode more immersive than ever

After yet another release from EA, a brand-new feature is set to arrive on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

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What is FUT Stadium?

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What’s the point?

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How will it work?

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In EA’s Official FUT 21 reveal, we learn that FUT 21 will take customisation to a new level.

Find out more about the new feature coming to FIFA 21.

What is FUT Stadium?

FUT Stadiums is the all-new feature for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, designed to make your club even more personal.

Your stadium will grow with your club, meaning the better your club, the better the stadium.

FUT Stadiums Concept 1

BLUEPRINTS! It looks like we can model our stadiums from real life

New tiers can be added, along with custom chants, walk-on music, pyrotechnics, and it even looks like you can customise the colour of the lines on the pitch!

Ultimately, it is down to you how your stadium turns out!

What’s the point?

It looks like fun!

We can’t wait to set up our own stadiums and get the fans belting out our chants at the top of their lungs.

FUT Stadiums Home

NO PLACE LIKE HOME! Make your stadium a fortress on FUT 21

Although the stadium has no impact on the game itself, it is still a nice feature for EA to bring to FIFA 21.

Just how much you can change we will have to wait and see. The trailer does say “there are endless ways to make it your own”, so there must be a lot!

How will it work?

EA have stated that the stadiums are inspired by some of the most intense atmospheres from around the world.

With that in mind, how much of the stadiums will we actually see? Does this mean there will be added cut scenes to show off your new home?

The FUT Community have already shared their feelings towards the amount of time spent not actually playing the game, so this might add to the list!

The pyrotechnics do look cool. But if the game itself is no good then the FUT Community will certainly be questioning the necessity of this feature.


We are actually quite excited for this one!

Hopefully, the enhanced customisation in FUT 21 will spill over into Career Mode too!

There are doubts over whether this is an unnecessary feature and that EA could have focused elsewhere, but with Next Gen graphic capability these stadiums could look incredible.

This new feature has a big thumbs up from us.

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