FIFA 21: Floating ball and helpless goalkeeper make for most entertaining glitch yet!

We have seen a multitude of bugs and glitches in FIFA 21, but this may be the funniest so far!

Find out more below.

Keeper’s off his line

The glitch in question was uploaded to Reddit by user BuschLatte146, and occurs just seconds into the game!

Less than a minute into a Squad Battle, a hit and hope from in his own half catches the goalkeeper off guard.

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CAUGHT OUT! The keeper is lobbed from inside the opposition half

However, the ball then appears to get stuck in the top corner of the goal, causing further chaos!

Poor David de Gea in goal then appears to have his feet glued to the ground, while Romain Saiss watches the bizarre goings on whilst making no attempt to help out his struggling teammate.


Justice is done

The attacking team could rightfully have felt aggrieved had the ball not eventually crossed the line.

Alvaro Morata charges up the field and after a few collisions the ball suddenly drops in.

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We won’t see the new Harry Potter game for a while, but floating balls are more suitable to the wizarding world than on FIFA 21!

Check out the clip here.

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