FIFA 21 Early Access: Get more throughout the season with EA Play – XP Boosts, Vanity Items, Discounts & more

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EA’s new subscription service, EA Play, offers you the chance to play FIFA 21 before release. But it also offers much more!

Keep reading for more details.

Early Access

EA Play members will get to play the new game before the official release date, result!

fifa 21 sterling gameplay
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ON THE BALL! Stay one step ahead of your rivals with Early Access

Members will get 10 full hours of gameplay before the game is fully released.

This means you can get ahead in game modes like Ultimate team before your rivals have even started.


In-Game Perks

Not only do EA Play members get to play FIFA 21 early, there will be loads of bonuses throughout the season.

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XP Boosts and vanity items will be available throughout the season to help you on your way.

Not only that, but members will get 10% discount on in-game purchases too!

For the full announcement click here.

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