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13 Oct 2020

League of Legends: Will Seraphine be Sona 2.0?

Seraphine is the newest champion coming to Summoner's Rift, but players are already concerned her design is simply an upgraded version of Sona.

Let's break down Seraphine's kit, visual effects, and why she's already has a bad reputation.

Breaking Down Seraphine's Kit

The Sona comparisons start immediately for Seraphine, and they're unavoidable, as her kit has incredibly similar concepts.

Seraphine League of Legends Sona

Passive - Seraphine's passive is Stage Presence, which causes every third basic ability she casts to echo, automatically casting a second time. Each ability will also generate a Note for Seraphine, which she consumes to empower her auto attacks more range and additional magic damage.

Q - Seraphine's Q is High Note, which projects a note that deals magic damage, scaling with the target's missing health.

W - Seraphine's W is Surround Sound, which gives herself and nearby allies a shield as well as a movement speed boost. If Seraphine already has a shield, the ability heals nearby allies based on how many are around.

E - Seraphine's E is Beat Drop, which unleashes a soundwave that slows enemies and deals magic damage. The ability will root enemies that are already slowed, and stun enemies that are already rooted.

R - Seraphine's R (Ultimate) is Encore, projecting a force that charms enemies, dealing magic damage. For every champion it strikes, the range extends. Allies hit by Encore will also receive maximum Notes.

Why Seraphine is Sona 2.0

Seraphine naturally would've drawn Sona comparisons as a musical champion using this in her kit. But the real problem is that her kit is an exact replica of Sona's.

Sona, Maven of the Strings - League of Legends

Seraphine's Q is a short-range poke spell involving a music note, mirroring Sona's Q.

Perhaps the worst offender, Seraphine's W is a heal/shield/speedup for all champions around her, mirroring Sona's W to a tee, and including the movement speed of Sona's E.

Seraphine's E is a line-based skillshot that does magic damage and CC's enemy champions hit, mirroring Sona's ultimate.

And Seraphine's ultimate is a linear skillshot that deals magic damage, which mirrors Sona's ultimate.

This level of cloning is a huge issue. And the League of Legends fanbase won't let Riot get away with it without an earful.