Virtual GP: *UPDATE* Sebastian Vettel looks to start sim racing, twitter, details and more

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So far it has only been the younger names on the F1 grid that have jumping into sim racing with both feet, but recently a story on reported that Sebastian Vettel will be joining the fray.

Lando Norris has cemented himself as the streaming king among the current F1 group. His regular Twitch streams, as well as performances in the Virtual Grand Prix Series and the #ChallengeLando event, have catapulted him to a much higher level of stardom.


Charles Leclerc got in on the act and won the Virtual Vietnam GP, while George Russell, Nicholas Latifi, Alex Albon, and Antonio Giovinazzi have also been flying the F1 flag across the esports world.

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However, until now none of the older generation of F1 drivers have gotten involved...until now.

Sebastian Vettel sim racing?

RED ROCKET: Is Seb about to jump in the virtual Ferrari?

In the most recent update, Vettel cites a few reasons why he has decided to jump on board with Sim Racing, and why it took him a while to do so.

"I grew up with some of the stuff and I've been playing some games, but to be honest since I had kids it's not the first thing on my list to do. I will see how much time there will be.'


He also mentions that seeing the success of Charles Leclerc showed him how good it could be for the team as a whole.


IN THE HOTSEAT: The legendary racer has his sim rig and could well be taking it for a spin soon!

"But I have read some of the news that some have been racing and I've also read that Charles did well on his debut so that was good for him and the team."

In an interview with F1 Insider, the four-time World Champion explained his silence in the virtual racing world so far.

"I didn’t have a simulator" - that makes sense!

But Vettel could be about to change all that, as he recently got one...


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"I’ve got one now, but I still have to install it. ... More and more friends have now put pressure on me to go racing with them. But I don’t want to embarrass myself, so I still have to train."

It's understandable that the uber-competitive champion would want to get some hours in before he jumps into a Virtual GP. Especially since his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc already seems very at home in the virtual race seat.

Vettel vs Leclerc

f1 2020 ferrari drivers

YOUNG GUN: Charles Leclerc has been highly impressive since entering F1

One of the major storylines heading into this F1 season was the rivalry between the two Ferrari drivers. Last year saw Vettel ignore team orders to let Leclerc through in Russia, and then the two came together in Brazil.


For now that rivalry is on hold as we await the F1 season restarting, but seeing that battle come to the Virtual GP would be the next best thing.

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Racing as FDA Hublot Esports Team in the virtual world, those in the scarlet cockpit tend to be part of the Ferrari Driver Academy, or in Leclerc's case former members.

Last time out it was the Leclerc brothers racing. This weekend Charles will be partnered by F2 driver Callum Ilott. The Scuderia are using these events as exposure for their young stars, and it's hard to blame them. Throwing both Vettel and Leclerc out there would be great for the viewers, but maybe counter-productive for Ferrari.

F1 2020 game

F12020 Ferarri schumacher

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We finally have a confirmed release date for the F1 2020 game.

The new game will drop on 10 July, with early access available via the Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition.