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27 Nov 2017

(Poll) Your opinions: F1's new logo

(Poll) Your opinions: F1's new logo

Formula 1 introduced its new logo at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. What do you make of Liberty's change?

(Photo credit: Keisuke Kariya)

As the chequered flag fell on the 2017 season and the final podium sitters celebrated in front of the fans, Formula 1 unveiled its new logo to the world.

We have known about this incoming change for a little while now, and it was earlier reported that three separate logos had been filed for trademark in the weeks leading up to the season finale.

Personally I think that they picked the best of these three offerings, but also that the old F1 logo was perfectly fine the way it was. Its clever use of 'negative space' to create the the 'F1' logo always made it feel like one of the more interesting corporate logos out there, and I for one will miss it. The likes of Lewis Hamilton feel similarly, lamenting the loss of the sport's 'iconic' image.

Change is often inevitable, especially with new owners wanting to take the sport in new directions, but was this a change that needed making? Do you like the new logo or think Liberty should have kept the old one? Let us know your thoughts in the poll and comments below!