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Poll: Who deserves the second Williams seat in 2018?

Robert Kubica 

The hype around Kubica's return to the sport has been very real. For a long time he looked like a possibility to take Jolyon Palmer's seat at Renault, with the team evaluating him in the car at a private test in Valencia and again at the Hungary in-season test. That was until Sainz put himself on the market and they snapped him up, leaving the Pole out in the cold.

He took on Nico Rosberg as part of his management team and quickly cut his ties with Renault, leading many to believe there was something else in the pipeline, and it wasn't long before the spotlight turned to Williams. They've made no secret of the fact they are now testing him in the car, but is this all just for the media? Many believe this would be a 'heart over head' choice and that he would be there as a publicity stunt. He was rapid, make no mistake, so is he worth a shot?

Paul di Resta

Paul di Resta is the Williams test and reserve driver, he knows how the team works and has trained countless hours in their simulator. He also had his moment to shine in Hungary when Massa was ill and he had to jump in the car one hour before qualifying! No, he didn't set the world alight, but at that short notice he didn't do too badly and it got people talking.

Pascal Wehrlein

Wehrlein was once Mercedes' up and comer. He joined Manor as DTM World Champion and they were talking him up as if it was only a matter of time before he was conquering the grid. Unfortunately, that hasn't materialised and he has gone from being at the slowest of the back markers, to being the slowest of the back markers. 

His progress has been largely blocked by Esteban Ocon, another Mercedes youngster who is going places, taking it to Sergio Perez in the Force India. This, along with rumours he is difficult to work with, seem to have stunted his growth as Merc's next big thing.

Daniil Kvyat

The Russian has shown moments of brilliance in his time in F1 with podiums at Red Bull and runs of consistent points, but there is no doubting he entered a downward spiral that fateful day in Russia (the irony) where he crashed into Vettel twice in the space of two corners, putting him out the race. Demotion, humiliation, masses of DNFs and very few points later, and here we are.

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