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30 Oct 2017

Is Lewis Hamilton an all-time great?

Is Lewis Hamilton an all-time great?

The newly crowned World Champion is a modern-day F1 icon, but how does he stack up against the greats in F1 history?

Formula 1 has a rich history, full of vibrant personalities, incredible rivalries, and more than enough tragedy.

Within the annals of F1 there are many legends, from Juan Manuel Fangio to James Hunt and Niki Lauda, all the way to Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton today.

Sunday's wild race ended with perhaps the next F1 legend, Max Verstappen, on the top step of the podium, but it was the newly crowned champion Lewis Hamilton who was doing donuts in front of the fans in Mexico.

Hamilton's fourth championship makes him the most successful British driver in Formula 1, a mark that many pegged him to hit when he was in the junior formulae, never mind when he passed double world champion and teammate Fernando Alonso at the first corner of his first race.

With that title come questions though, questions about just how great Hamilton is in the grand scheme of F1. Where is his place in the pantheon of racing drivers?

The talents of Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton's raw pace has never been in question. In perfect conditions he has always been incredibly tough to beat. He is a dynamic overtaker who often makes passes at unusual spots and is not unaccustomed to setting up dummies and feints or simply barging his way through. Just ask Felipe Massa.