F1 2020 Podium Pass: Season One rewards, challenges, liveries, cosmetics & more

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One of the most anticipated new features of F1 2020, the Podium Pass, has just gone live.

What is it? And crucially, what rewards does it bring?

What is Podium Pass?

Podium Pass is a series of unlockable rewards such as car liveries and driver suits. It follows in the footsteps of similar systems in other games, most notably Fortnite’s Battle Pass.

F1 2020 Podium Pass Suit
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COSMIC: One of the race suit designs available from the VIP pass

Players earn experience points as they play the game. In doing so they will level up their podium pass, unlocking more content. There is a free version of the pass which is available to everyone.

There is also a ‘VIP’ version of the pass, which is bought using the in-game currency PitCoin.

F1 2020 Purchase VIP
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VIP PASS: Details on what purchasing VIP status would net you

PitCoin can be bought with real money, or earned as part of the Podium Pass. The VIP version of the pass yields additional items per level.

Each series of Podium Pass will last for slightly less than two months, giving players ample time to earn their rewards.


To help players gain the experience points they need, there is an array of challenges which can be completed in return for XP rewards. There are three types of challenges: standard, VIP, and series.

F1 2020 Challenges
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EXPERIENCE: The challenges are broken down into three categories

Standard challenges are simple tasks which yield low amounts of experience. Every day a new standard challenge will become available.

The ability to complete VIP challenges is unlocked by purchasing the VIP Podium Pass. These challenges have higher XP rewards while still remaining relatively simple.

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Every week, a new set of VIP challenges will become active.

F1 2020 VIP Challenges
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VIP ONLY: These challenges come with the VIP pass

Series challenges are the ones which offer the largest amounts of experience. There are four categories: solo, career, multiplayer, and weekly events.

As you might expect, players can complete the solo series challenges in the game’s various solo modes, the career challenges through career mode or My Team, etc.

F1 2020 Series Challenges
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CHALLENGES: A look at the multiplayer series challenges

Like the Podium Pass itself, these challenges will refresh every couple of months, so you’ll have plenty of time to get them done!

Rewards - Liveries, helmets, emotes

F1 2020 Podium Pass Livery 1
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LIVERIES: The 'Splattered' livery is the final item on the pass

The actual rewards available through the Podium Pass are an interesting mix of liveries, helmets, poses, emotes, gloves, overalls, badges, and PitCoin.

The first two rewards available on the free version of the Podium Pass are a car livery and a helmet design.

F1 2020 Podium Pass Helmet 1
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FREE: All players will be able to unlock helmets like this one

The items themselves are classified on a scale between common and legendary. This reflects how much PitCoin they would cost in the item shop, were they to be available there.

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No legendary items will be available through the first free pass, but the very first reward in the VIP pass is a legendary pose.

F1 2020 Podium Pass Pose 1
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BOOGIE: The first legendary item

Cosmetics such as car liveries and suit designs will be available for use both in single and multiplayer modes.

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