F1 2020 My Team: Game mode, sponsors, engines, features, liveries, driver ratings, names, news, updates & more

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It's race week in Formula 1 at long last and F1 2020 is just around the corner.

The new game has a confirmed release date of 10 July.

Not only that, it has one outstanding new feature that could be revolutionary to F1 games.

Welcome to My Team.

F1 2020 My Team - Create & control your own team

When F1 2019 introduced custom liveries for multiplayer we were hoping it was just the start of something, and we were right. Welcome to My Team.

F1 2020 will introduce a game mode called "My Team".

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With it comes all the decision-making of a Team Principal combined with the requirements of a lead driver.

Engine suppliers

Picking your engine is about balancing power, durability, and cost.

f1 2020 my team engine
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RAW SPEED: Which PU will you choose?

Ferrari has the best power unit by some way, but also the most expensive.

On the other end of the spectrum going with Honda will save you money, but be more risky.

Picking a driver

You can't drive both cars, so you'll need a teammate.

f1 2020 my team drivers 2
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MAYBE NOT: Grosjean isn't ideal for a new team

You'll have to again balance cost with driver skill and their off-track perks.

Which brings us to driver ratings...

Driver ratings

On top of the Driver Market, Codemasters will introduce visible driver ratings for the first time in F1 games.

red bull driver ratings
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SUPER MAX: Verstappen has a huge rating

These new ratings are comprised of four categories: Experience, Race craft, Awareness, and Pace.

Each one impacts on- or off-track value and ability, so you'll need to balance your needs and the risks involved with each contract you hand out.

Formula 2 drivers

You'll also be able to sign young drivers from F2 and give them their Formula 1 debut.

The ratings aren't great, but they are also cheap drivers for your starter team.

Sign sponsors

To fund your team you'll need some sponsors.

f1 2020 my team sponsor 1
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There are lots of choices, but each sponsor will demand results and exposure if they are to stick around.

Factory development

My Team will also take you off the track and into the factory.

f1 2020 my team facilities
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BUILDING BLOCKS: Put together the perfect team off the track to win on it

Develop facilities, test components, get your driver in the simulator. You have to run the whole show!

f1 2020 my team sim
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PUT THE HOURS IN: And develop your teammate

It seems that Codemasters have spared nothing in developing My Team.


Despite all of these things, naming your team might be the toughest part of the whole mode.


We've got some ideas you can use as insipration though!


Make sure you get your hands on F1 2020 with a pre-order!

You can pre-order the Seventy Edition here. However, you can get the games three days early by pre-ordering the Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition.

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