F1 2020: Hungarian Grand Prix Track Guide - My Team, Career Mode, Time Trial

The Hungaroring was the first purpose-built Formula 1 circuit and has hosted the Hungarian Grand Prix since its inception in 1986. The first and so far only race in Eastern Europe is a very popular one!

Fans flock to the Budapest circuit, a track that's often likened to Monaco without the barriers. That's a fair comparison, because passing is difficult and mistakes are always punished.

High downforce for the tight and twisty corners is the aim of the game here. This is our ultimate guide to being fast in Hungary in F1 2020!

Turn 1

Hungary's first corner is one of its main overtaking spots. Like everywhere on this circuit though, it isn't easy and following closely through the final corner is difficult.

F1 2020 Hungarian GP Hungaroring Turn 1
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LEFT, RIGHT, CENTRE: You can choose any of a number of lines through Turn 1.

However, you do get DRS, so that will help you make up ground. You can make a divebomb on the brakes work but you're usually best biding your time and setting up a move into Turn 2.

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You'll be going at almost 200 mph (320 kph) into Turn 1, even with a high downforce setup. Brake at around 75m down into 2nd gear and don't use any of the inside kerbing, it's harsh and will unsettle the car.

Don't use any of the exit kerbing either, there's no grip out there. Don't be afraid to take a wider line either, as the DRS activation is immediately after the apex and its best to be straightened up for that.

Turns 2 & 3

Turn 2 is another horseshoe left-hander but its downhill gradient makes it a challenging corner to judge. Like Turn 1, you can pass on the inside or outside but you're probably best going for the outside line.

Brake at the 50m board down into 3rd gear and don't use any of the inside kerbing. A tighter line is faster here, because it sets you up better for Turn 3.

F1 2020 Hungarian GP Hungaroring Turn 3
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THE HORSESHOE: Turn 2 is a real challenge for your front-right tyre

Turn 3 follows immediately after and although it's taken flat, you need to be positioned correctly to avoid losing time. Go a little wide here and you're flying onto the run-off on exit.

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You need to clip the inside kerb, which will allow you to miss the outside kerbing on exit and set you up perfectly for Turn 4.

Turns 4 & 5

Turn 4 is often the place which will make or break your lap. Running wide and having your lap invalidated is a very common occurence because T4 just begs you to go faster than you actually can.

You need to dab on the brakes at around the point where you're maxing out 7th gear, which you need to stay in for this corner.

F1 2020 Hungarian GP Hungaroring Turns 4 5
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FLYING UPHILL: Turn 4 is a corner where you can make up some serious time

You can take a surprising amount of the inside kerb, which will allow you to avoid using the outside kerbing on exit.

Turn 5 follows quickly after T4 and is another horseshoe corner. Picking a braking point is difficult but when the red and white kerbing on the right disappears from view is usually a good marker.

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Brake down into 4th gear and run wide of the inside kerbing, more speed and a wider line is better here. Avoid the exit kerbing too, it'll unsettle the car for the run to the first chicane.

Both Turns 4 and 5 are overtaking spots but you have to be careful, they aren't easy passing points.

Turns 6 & 7

Turns 6 and 7 are the first of three chicanes which comprise Hungary's middle sector. Brake at the 50m board down into 2nd gear and avoid all of the kerbs, they're very harsh here.

F1 2020 Hungarian GP Hungaroring Turns 6 7
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TEMPTATION: If you're alongside, this chicane can be a passing point

Get back on the accelerator when you've rounded Turn 6 and power through Turn 7. The rear tyres will stick with you, so be confident on the loud peddle.

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You can pass here but you'll need to be on the inside and well alongside your rival to overtake. Otherwise, the track is too narrow here, contact will inevitably follow a desperate move.

Turns 8 & 9

For Turns 8 and 9 are another chicane but one that's more open than T6 & 7. This is less of a passing opportunity though, you're best waiting until Turn 12, where the next chance is possible.

F1 2020 Hungarian GP Hungaroring Turns 8 9
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You need to brake when you're hitting the rev limited in 5th gear and drop into 4th. Avoid the inside kerbing of T8 before accelerating again when you see T9.

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A tap of the brakes before going into T9 will see you through and be sure to avoid the inside and outside kerbing on this corner. Swing back to the right side of the track and get ready for the high-speed Turns 10 and 11.

Turns 10 & 11

Turn 10 is completely flat and you need to run parallel to the inside kerbing to position the car correctly Turn 11.

F1 2020 Hungarian GP Hungaroring Turns 10 11
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Clip the outside kerb on entry before swinging the steering wheel back to the right to clump over the inside kerbing. A small lift while staying in 7th gear is enough to make it around and avoid using the run-off on exit.

Turn 12

Turn 12 is the final overtaking spot on the track but it's difficult to get by here too. The braking zone is short, only 50m and you'll usually be forced to the outside, where there's not much grip.

F1 2020 Hungarian GP Hungaroring Turn 12
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Brake down into 4th gear and avoid the inside kerbing. Use a little outside kerbing or none at all if you can. Swing back to the outside for the setup to T13.

Turns 13 & 14

Turn 13 is another corner that's hard to find a braking point for but the shadow of the advertising hoarding is a marker. If it's not sunny, then brake when you're topping out 5th gear down into 2nd gear.

Don't use any of the inside kerbing and be patient when getting back on the throttle, it's very easy to run wide on exit.

F1 2020 Hungarian GP Hungaroring Turn 14
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The final corner of Turn 14 is key to your attack and defence, as it sets how close you can be to the car ahead. You need to brake when you're revving out 5th gear down into 4th gear.

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Like Turn 13, you need to be patient before getting back on the throttle. In qualifying and time trial, you need to be half way around the corner before nailing the throttle.

DRS activation is straight after the final corner. Open the rear wing up and run to the line to complete your lap in Hungary!


Despite being a purpose-built circuit, you'll need to set the car up for the Hungaroring like a street circuit. We've got you covered with both dry and wet weather Hungarian GP setup guides!

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