F1 2020 Graphics: Official graphics, next-gen, new camera angles & more

It's just over a month until F1 2020 hits shelves around the world. We can't wait to finally try out Codemaster's latest Formula 1 title in July!

We're analysing what we've seen so far and what the developers have revealed about the graphical improvements in F1 2020.

What exactly has changed? Here's everything you need to know!


We've already been treated to a few onboard hot-laps in F1 2020.

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These include the new Hanoi Street Circuit and the returning Zandvoort, neither of which have appeared in Codies' F1 games before.

Ocon Renault F1 2020
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IMPROVED GRAPHICS: How much of a step up is F1 2020 over '19?

The first thing you'll notice is the engine noise, which is much cleaner and less raspy than last year's game. This is partly due to the engines evolving, but also thanks to continued work in this area.

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Graphically, there isn't a huge leap over F1 2019, but it should be stressed that what we've seen so far is still a "work in progress".

Let's not undervalue how high the bar was set by F1 2019 though, the game is extremely easy on the eyes and ears.

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If F1 2020 were to be re-released on the next generation of consoles later in the year, we'd see a huge leap in graphics, with up to 8K textures.

Zandvoort makes for a very cool onboard video as well, as the sand dunes of the Dutch circuit aren't really seen at any other track on the calendar.

Official graphics

Lee Mather, the director of the F1 games, has revealed a lot of important info ahead of F1 2020 release. Thanks to a recent interview, we now know that there will be more TV graphics available in F1 2020 than ever before:

Hanoi screenshot F1 2020
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NEW AND IMPROVED: New tracks and graphics are on offer in F1 2020

"We've added in the Amazon web services' on-screen items [for F1 2020]. So, at the start of the race, you'll see the predicted strategies and when the pit window opens, you'll see that on the right-hand side."


These small additions make the game more immersive and even closer to the actual broadcast. In F1 2019, we already had official graphics for things such as the grid line-up, but this is even more in-line.

Furthermore, AWS' pit strategy being included will help you figure out which approach is best for each race. Admittedly, this was already available via your race engineer, but AWS is very pleasing on the eye.

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Don't be surprised to see more on this front either, there could be a few features still to be found out by the players. Remember, driver transfers weren't confirmed until after F1 2019's release.

Camera angles

F1 2019 Paul Ricard screenshot Hamilton Leclerc
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EASY ON THE EYE: What new angles could be on show in F1 2020?

Something else that was mentioned by Mather was the new camera angles that'll be available in F1 2020:

"For the two new circuits, both Zandvoort and Hanoi, we've got a new way of placing the cameras. Not only the broadcast camera, but also the replay and spectator cameras."

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In truth, the pre-race cutscenes have been similar since 2017, so more camera angles to mix up the intros is very welcome.

It'll also be interesting to see what we can see in terms of spectator cameras. Perhaps we'll be able to get shots of the grandstands to see their reaction to an overtake or crash, similar to what we see in games like FIFA.

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It should also be noted that Mather also confirmed that online replays are returning to this year for F1 2020.

F1 2020 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia on 10 July.

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