F1 2020 Game: Xbox patch 1.03 now live, 1.04 on PS4 - Patch notes & more

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Xbox players are finally getting patch 1.03 for F1 2020. So fire up your console and get the update downloading!

1.03 Patch Notes - Xbox Only

  • Fixed a crash when using the Schumacher or RaceNet items going into My Team
  • Reduced the penalties given to players during safety car periods to the correct values to prevent unfair disqualifications
F1 2020 Vietnam turn 11
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TIGHT TURNAROUND: Codemasters has been hard-pressed to get fixes out

  • Addressed an issue where a number of players or AI would be disqualified incorrectly after passing the safety car
  • Addressed an issue where race results could be incorrect after disconnecting and re-joining an online session

1.04 Patch Notes - PS4 Only

  • Fixed an issue specific to PS4 which caused Leaderboards to appear blank and could cause a perpetual load in certain circumstances.

There will be no 1.04 on Xbox, Steam, or Stadia.

What about PitCoins?

Some Xbox players are still missing PitCoins from their pre-order.

F1 2020 Podium Pass Livery 1
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PODIUM PASS: Players can unlock the free tier rewards right now

Codemasters has requested that those impacted by this error post on their forum.


Mercedes livery

The new Mercedes livery is not specifically mentioned in these patch notes.

However, earlier this week Codemasters confirmed it would be coming "soon". It would be in an update along with all other corrected and up-to-date team colours.

So keep your eye out for it!

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