F1 2020 Game: New Williams livery INCLUDED in final game

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The return of Formula 1 is just days away, and we are two weeks out from F1 2020 arriving.

Thanks to some of the turmoil during lockdown, Williams have changed their livery for the season. But will it be in the new game?

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Williams' new look

After parting ways with sponsor RoKit, Williams unveiled a fresh livery for 2020, replacing the one that was expected to race in Australia back in March.

williams livery 1
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FRESH: A remarkably clean and beautiful livery for Williams

The new livery is truly exceptional for Williams, but will it be in the game when it arrives?

F1 2020 trailer

F1 2020's new TV ad contains a hint, but blink and you'll miss it.


At 0:06 you get a shot of the rear wing of the Williams, and it has the new livery!

It looks like Codemasters have already added it to the final game, so fans can race in the real thing when they buy F1 2020.



Make sure you get your copy of F1 2020 with a pre-order.

If you pre-order the Seventy Edition you'll get the game on 10 July.

But getting the Deluxe Edition means you can play from 7 July!

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