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07 Jul 2020

F1 2020 Game: Day 1 patch - what could be included in launch update? New liveries, Ferrari balancing, bugs, & more

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Updated liveries

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Ferrari nerf?

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Bug fixes

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When will the first patch arrive?

F1 2020 is here! As usual with games these days, a day 1 patch is expected.

This will correct a few things and tweak some issues that cropped up after the game was delivered.

What could be in Codemasters' day 1 patch for F1 2020? Let's take a look.

Updated liveries

Thanks to the postponement of the Formula 1 season, teams had a chance to re-imagine and re-launch their cars.

Three teams (Mercedes, McLaren, & Williams) put out different liveries for the Austrian GP last weekend than they would have run in Australia back in March.

mercedes black livery f1 2020

BACK TO BLACK: Mercedes' fresh look drew plenty of Darth Vader references during the race

There were also new race suits for Mercedes, as well as an extra bit of livery on the safety car.

These visuals were not in the initial release of the game, however Codemasters have been hard at work getting them done and they should all be in the first update the game receives.

Ferrari nerf?

Those who got the Deluxe Edition have already dived into My Team.

Many players will have bought the Ferrari engine as its the most powerful one available.

f1 2020 my team engine 1

NOT SO FAST: Ferrari's run-in with the FIA seems to have slowed their engines down

Real life performance disagrees with this ranking, which is based on last year's results.

After the FIA clamped down on some of Ferrari's engine dark arts the Prancing Horse races more like a lame donkey.

Ferrari is also at the front of the AI performance charts, so Codemasters could well tone down the scarlet car, bringing it back into the midfield.

It would give players the chance to do a Schumacher-esque reclamation project, which would be fitting!

Bug fixes

While most players are experiencing amazing gameplay, with thousands of players now putting in the laps a few issues are starting to crop up.

f1 2020 bug 1

HEADLESS HORSEMAN: There are a few issues to iron out in a patch

Reddit users have been putting some of the more interesting bugs on r/F1Game.

The above is from u/Not_Serban, and other slight audio and impact glitches have been posted. None of these are game-breakers, but they are issues that Codemasters will certainly address sooner rather than later.

When will the first patch arrive?

We expect any patch to hit on 10 July.

That's the official release date for the Seventy Edition of F1 2020.