F1 2020 Game Tracks: Classic circuits need to join the calendar ones.

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Formula 1 is not the only sport caught in the coronavirus whirlwind.

What was set to be the biggest F1 calendar in history has been sliced down to size due to the global pandemic, but that doesn't mean the game should be.

We have already received assurances that the planned 22 tracks will be present in Codemasters' F1 2020 when it finally arrives.


Codemasters' F1 games have added content outside of the current F1 season over the last few years. From classic cars and challenges, to online leagues, and last year the introduction of Formula 2 to the game.

To continue in this vein there is one logical place to go for F1 2020... Classic tracks.

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Keep Hockenheim

Hockenheim in F1 2018
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BYE BYE: Hockenheim won't be on F1 2020 unless Codies add classic tracks

There is no doubt that developing tracks within F1 games is an almighty task.

Codies already have their hands full with Vietnam and Netherlands coming onto the calendar while the German Grand Prix disappears.

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Adding more tracks to the game is an excellent way of extending its life span & gameplay, but the easiest way to do it for F1 2020 would be to retain Hockenheim, which will not feature on the F1 calendar.

Taking the game to 23 full tracks (plus the usual short track options) that players can use online, or even mix into later seasons of career mode, would keep the game fresher for longer.

Classic versions of tracks

The old turn 1 of Silverstone
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COPSE CHAOS: The old layout of Silverstone would be a joy for F1 fans

There are more than a few tracks on the F1 calendar that have changed over the years. Silverstone, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Spa... They have all added or removed sections over the years.

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Creating a variant of an existing track would be a much quicker way of adding content than building a new track from scratch. Codemasters already do a version of this with their short-track versions of Silverstone, COTA, Suzuka, and Bahrain.

Put the Bus Stop chicane back into Spa. Let us tackle Bridge Corner in Silverstone. Bring back the country-side blast of Spa or even the oval of Monza.

Classic tracks DLC

Sochi Russia F1 2019
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DULL: Racing on the same tracks gets boring after a while

F1 games haven't done big DLC drops for a while, but there is little doubt that the community would appreciate, and pay for, extra tracks.

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This would be a way of creating revenue for Codemasters that offsets the development cost, while also adding far more content for players.

You could fly around Imola in the Ferrari F2004, or take a modern car for a spin around Fiji, Mangy Cours, or Brands Hatch.

It would allow groups to create unique season challenges by visiting circuits not in the main career mode.

F1 games should be the home of F1 history, not just the current season.