F1 2020 Customization: My Team, sponsors, liveries, multiplayer, podium celebrations & more

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F1 2020's release date is getting ever-closer and more juicy details about what's new in this year's game are being revealed.

The game developers at Codemasters have been giving interviews to answer the fans' questions.

One of the most talked-about aspects of F1 2020 is its customisation options. With new game modes included, it's crucial to integrate them well and bring them up to the standard required.

Here's what we know so far about customisation in F1 2020!

Sponsorships and My Team

Some have accused F1 games of being devoid of real customisation in the past. That has changed in recent years though, and My Team is the icing on top of the custom cake.

F1 2020 My Team
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TEAM ELEVEN: My Team allows you to run the newest team in F1

New for F1 2020, My Team will allow you to join the grid as the eleventh constructor in the paddock. Players can choose their unique name and pick their drivers, but what about liveries and other items?

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Well, the information that F1 2020's Game Director Lee Mather has revealed via a recent interview has been very positive on this front:

"You've now got the ability to put sponsors on your car... All of which are available on My Team, but you can only apply the ones which you have signed for the team."

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Mather went on to describe that all of the sponsors have bespoke goals and cash values attached to them.

This likely means that the sponsors which are more lucrative in terms of their financial rewards will also demand higher race finishes.

Like when you negotiate your contract in Career Mode, you'll need to be careful when choosing your sponsors. Bite off more than you can chew and you'll lose out on money to spend on upgrades and snowball down the grid.

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This is exactly what we were hoping for when My Team was announced last month. It's a similar way to which sponsors go about their business in games such as Football Manager and the old FIFA games.

Which sponsors will be available to choose from is currently unknown. You'd think that a significant portion of the current grid's commercial partners will be available though.

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Although not confirmed, you'd imagine that the game would allow your team to have numerous different sponsors.

Furthermore, that should mean that the prominence of each sponsorship will correlate to how much money you'll be receiving for displaying this branding.

How will the cars actually look?

So, the financial side of the sponsorships have been clearly outlined, but how will that affect the look of your team?

f1 2020 70 car
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UNIQUE DESIGN: The look of your F1 team has endless possibilities

"We've still got the ability to pick different skins for the car." Mather continued. "For the helmets, you'll now see your team logo on them."

This makes perfect sense, as the drivers have the logo of the team that they drive for on their helmets. For example, the Red Bull and Alpha Tauri drivers all have the Red Bull logo somewhere on their helmet.

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There isn't any reason why your team should buck that trend.

Mather also detailed that you'll have plenty of creative freedom when it comes to the logo you design for your team:

"Once you've created your team badge - which is created out of two layers, a background and a foreground - you can now apply treatment to it, such as a 3D badge."

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"[This badge] applies to the vehicle, your race suit, and helmet. You can also design your race suit and helmet."

Podium celebrations

F1 2020 podium celebration
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SHOWBOATING: You can be as dignified or as show-off as you want when you win

Another item of note is the podium celebrations in F1 2020. It wasn't that long ago that we didn't even see the podium in the official F1 game, but Codies are taking it to the next level now:

"A new area of customisation is in the podium... Drivers have very unique podium celebrations... and we wanted to make sure we've got something like this in the game."

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Just like how you can choose how you'd like to celebrate a goal in FIFA, you can customise how your driver celebrates when they spray the champagne. Stock celebrations are a thing of the past!

There will likely be some that are unique to the F1 game but some will be taken from the drivers themselves. These could include Hamilton's homerun and Vettel's "Number 1" finger wag.

F1 2020 will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia worldwide on 10 July.

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