#ChallengeLando Format revealed: Races, hotlap, setup, how to take part & more

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With Formula 1 postponed for foreseeable future, F1 & Gfinity are partnering up to bring fans racing action, this week it is #ChallengeLando!

McLaren driver and breakout Twitch star Lando Norris will be taking on a series of challenges and racing against fans this weekend.

This follows the incredibly successful VirtualGP last weekend. The first part of the Virtual Grand Prix Series was run in Bahrain and will be followed by races on would-be F1 race weekends.

Lando tooks on the fans and scored a total of 5 points in a nail biting event, which saw some serious skills on display.

Check out our live update article to catch up with all the action as it happened!

Start time & how to watch

The #ChallengeLando event will started at 8pm GMT on Sunday 29 March.

It was streamed across official Formula 1 channels on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, as well as Lando's own Twitch channel.

Race format

F1 2020 McLaren MCL35
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It's safe to say Lando Norris was put to the test on Sunday.

Lando went through four different challenges.

The first was a Pro-Am challenge - a five lap race against an amateur sim racing celebrity. Lando had a handicap and had to catch up!

Next up was a race against a young up-and-coming racer from the world of the junior formula. They would have to cut through a pack of AI drivers and see who could get furthest up the field.

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Then it was onto a hot-lap qualifying challenge against a fellow pro racer!

Finally, Lando got dropped into Suzuka with a group of fans and have to emulate Ayrton Senna's amazing recovery drive from 14th on the grid to win the race by a clear 13 seconds!

With every challenge Lando can score points, and his final total will then be the benchmark for future drivers to beat!

How to take part


Lucky people got to be on the grid for the fan race on Sunday!

They headed over to Formula 1’s official twitter and replied to this tweet to be in with a chance of entering.

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They could also reply to Lando Norris with your Steam ID too, to double their chances.

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