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F1 2020: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Setup Guide - Career, my team, time trial

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The first race held at the Yas Marina Circuit was held in 2009, and the track has been a part of the F1 calendar every year since.

The track has often occupied the position of season finale, and a few times the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has been the championship decider.

The circuit itself has three distinct sectors. The first sector has some high-speed corners, the second has two long straights, and the third is a series of 90 degree turns.

Because of the variety in track design, finding the right setup for Yas Marina is something of a challenge.


Rear end stability under traction is the driving force behind any decision regarding wing settings.

F1 2020 Abu Dhabi wings
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I recommend running 2-7 wings, as this will help to keep the rear of the car planted when you’re applying the throttle.

You won’t lose too much time down the straights, and you’ll have enough grip in the first and third sectors.


F1 2020 Abu Dhabi Transmission
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As a stable rear end is a necessity around here, a 50% on-throttle differential setting is a no-brainer.

The off-throttle setting is a slightly more complex matter. I’ve found that anything lower than 65% leaves you with an unstable car in the middle of certain corners. Much higher than this, and you’ll struggle to get the car rotated.

Suspension Geometry

Your camber and toe settings aren’t as crucial here as they will be at some other tracks.

F1 2020 Abu Dhabi sus geo
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That being said, I suggest running -2.90 and -1.40 for your camber. This will give you enough assistance in the medium speed corners without compromising drivability or tyre wear.

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For your toe settings, 0.05 and 0.20 yields the best results for me. Low toe keeps tyre wear to a minimum, as well as helping through the more sustained corners.


A suspension setup which can handle the kerbs without sacrificing the car’s responsiveness is important in Abu Dhabi.

F1 2020 Abu Dhabi suspension
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For me, 3-7 for your front and rear suspension works the best. If you’re finding your car a little tough to handle, try lowering your suspension stiffness.

The anti-roll bar settings ought to be a little harder than you would use at most circuits, as the car has a slight tendency to understeer mid-corner if left unchecked. 4-10 ought to do the trick.

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As there are a fair few kerbs which you will want to ride around here, a ride height of 3-5 at least is the way to go. Any lower, and your car will be spearing off track when you clip a kerb just a little too hard.


It's tough to get your braking right in Abu Dhabi

F1 2020 Abu Dhabi brakes
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I’ve still found that I get the best results by running 100% brake pressure and 50% brake bias, but a lower brake pressure may well give you better results. It all depends on your personal driving style.


Your tyres will overheat around here if left to their own devices. Therefore, it’s essential to lower your tyre pressures before racing at the Yas Marina.

F1 2020 Abu Dhabi tyres
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Specifically, I would go with 22.2psi for your fronts and 19.9psi on the rears. The lowered rear tyre pressure will also help with traction.

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While driving around the Yas Marina Circuit may not be one of life’s greatest pleasures, using this setup should at least let you get some enjoyment out of it. 

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