F1 Pro Draft: These talented racers will compete in 2019 F1 esports series

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While many gamers have their eyes set on new releases like FIFA 20, some of the best F1 sim racers have been clashing to earn themselves a chance at ultimate glory.

Over the last 2 days the Gfinity Arena in London has played host to the F1 Esports Pro Draft, pitting the 41 successful qualifiers against each other as all 10 official F1 teams looked on to find the next great esports racer.

On day 1 a series of races eliminated the slowest 11 drivers, leaving a pool of 30 for the teams to pick from. As Ferrari were new to the series in 2019 they had the first pick, followed by Renault, Haas, Williams, Red Bull, Racing Point, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, Toro Rosso, and finally the defending champions Mercedes.


The drivers that were selected last night join their teams racers for the 2019 Pro Series and compete for a prize fund of $500,000 - more than double 2018's one.

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F1 Esports 2019 Pro Draft

New boys Ferrari picked first and perhaps played to their home crowd a little, taking Italian David Tonizza, an experienced sim racer who came second in his day 1 race.

Renault took Simon Weigang, aka CRGSimon, who is often spotted atop Xbox One time trial leaderboards.