25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

F1 2018: Sauber and Renault unveil their 2018 challengers

(Photo credit: Morio)

What they said


Given that Sauber now have a close technical partnership with Ferrari, a part of which sees the Swiss team bringing the Alfa Romeo brand back to F1, it only makes sense that the first car produced by this partnership would be significant a departure from Sauber's previous efforts.

“The car philosophy is much different to that of the C36,” said technical director Joerg Zander. “The aerodynamic concept has changed significantly, and the C37 has several new features in comparison to its predecessor.”

“We are positive that the new concept offers us more opportunities and will help us to make improvements during the course of the season. The 2018 Ferrari engine will also give us a boost in terms of our performance. We hope that we will make progress with the C37 and that we are more competitive compared to 2017.”

It will be fascinating to see how Sauber get on this year, and if they can get anywhere near the race-winning form they experienced last time they partnered up with a major manufacturer.